Louis Azcarate

Cat Breeder in Poulsbo, Washington

As the owner of Permes Cattery, Louis Azcarate breeds Siamese and Balinese kittens from high quality domestic and imported hereditary lines. Permes offers Siamese cats of both traditional and classic applehead varieties. Louis Azcarate’s leadership role with Permes includes securing and maintaining cat registrations, creating contracts and invoices, and handling all details surrounding the adoption of Permes kittens including travel plans and accommodations for kittens for trips to the homes of their new owners. Prior to sale, he ensures that all Permes animals are well cared for, including scheduling and taking cats to any necessary vet visits.

Steadfastly devoted to building a strong future for the Siamese and Balinese breeds, Louis Azcarate stresses genetic diversity in all breeding processes. Although he primarily focuses on the four principal coat colors of chocolate, blue, seal and lilac, he also breeds cats with lynx points as well as extremely rare cinnamon and fawn coloration. Under Mr. Azcarate’s direction, Permes offers a general health guarantee of 72 hours and a congenital defect guarantee of a year for every kitten sold.

Poulsbo, WA, US

Work Experience

Jan 1996 - Present



Sep 1979 - Jun 1980

Associate’s Degree
Glendale City Collage

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