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Louis Paolino

Experienced Entrepreneur

The founder of Soil Remediation, Inc., Louis Paolino spent several years guiding cleanup efforts for contaminated land housing a converted asphalt plant. In 1993, Louis Paolino Jr. sold his startup to USA Waste Services, becoming the company's regional vice president and pursuing further acquisitions to achieve a significant growth rate.

In those early years, Louis Paolino  also founded Girard Point Transfer, Inc., to process and transfer waste. He sold this company to Mid-American Waste Systems for a valuation of $12 million. Later, he continued his career in the waste management services industry as the president and chief executive officer for Eastern Environmental Services.

After three years of exponential growth, Waste Management, Inc., acquired Eastern Environmental Services, and Mr. Paolino went on to serve as president and chief executive officer of Mace Security International, marketing products such as its well-known pepper spray. During that time, he led the acquisition of the digital marketing firm Linkstar Interactive and increased Mace's assets from $2.5 million to more than $60 million.

Miami Beach, FL, US


Jan 1, 2008 - Present

Founder and CEO

Paolino Development


Bachelor of Science, Engineering

Drexel University
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