PING-HAN, LU (Nash Lu)

Over 5 years sales and marketing experience in retail, wholesale and e-commerce industries. Mainly keen on account management , marketing communication and data analysis. I believed my plentiful problem solving experience, exceptional storytelling, data-driven mindset and analytical skills can help company for business growth and achieve the sales target. In addition, I always be passionate and proactive attitude towards my job, to create a win-win situation between clients and company.
I also love to travel, enjoy to work in the dynamic and teamwork environment where challenges and learning happen all the time.

Tel: +886 923-677-385


University of Leicester, UK (Master Degree), Marketing, 2014~2015

Chinese Culture University, Taiwan (Bachelor Degree), Banking and Finance, 2009~2013

Work Experience 

Philips Taiwan, Senior Marketing Specialist, Jan 2020 ~ Present

• Develop the online/offline marketing strategies of air purifier/iron/full auto coffee machine categories with action plan to achieve the 50% sales revenue YoY growth and hit the highest market share (7.4%) of air purifier than before.
• Through market research and consumer funnel, to develop appropriate integrated consumer marketing and communication plan. (Including TVC/OTV/Media Campaigns/Digital Marketing plan/Partnership/POSM design).
• Develop and implement the product road map to ensure the successful launch of 3 new products and the smooth phase-out plan of existing 3 products to optimize the product portfolio while generating the maximum sales output.
• Create the pricing strategies and maintain P/L that keeps the business profitable and meet the annual target.
• Analyze Sell in and Sell out data which to optimize the 50% sales volume YoY growth and maintain the reasonable inventory level.
• Co-op with various disciplines including global team and sales team for business strategy planning.

•制定與執行空氣清淨機/熨斗/咖啡機, 3個品類的線上與線下行銷策略(ATL/BTL),2020上半年較去年同期成長50%銷售額,而空氣清淨機同時達到史上最高市佔率(7.4%)。

•透過市場研究和消費者行為,制定不同的行銷計劃(包括TVC / OTV /線上媒體活動/線上廣告計劃/異業合作/POSM設計)。



•分析Sell in和Sell out相關銷售數字,優化銷量並與去年同期成長50%,並保持合理的庫存水位。


Agoda Taiwan, Assistant Market Manager (Account Manager), Oct 2018 ~ Jan 2020

• Managed over 100 properties for Taipei area, including 30 key accounts which accounting 20% of Taipei net margin.
• Conduct dynamic pricing strategy to meet business goal by data analysis & market trend. Help hotel partners to achieved average 120% Sales revenue YoY growth.
• Communicated with hotel partners to foster engagement and forecast the future market trend to them.
• Designed eDM and promotions campaigns which help hotel partners to boost 40% booking growth in the low seasons.
• Co-work with head quarter and managed the project which cooperated with 3rd parties to boost the visibility of hotel partners on the platform.


•進行動態定價策略,以通過數據分析和市場趨勢實現業務目標。 幫助飯店比去年同期增長平均120%的銷售收入。 





Agoda Taiwan, Market Coordinator (Account Manager), Dec 2017 ~ Oct 2018

• Managed over 300 properties in Taiwan.
• Executed strategy and promotional activities with partners, help them to increase average 90% booking volumes and competitiveness in 2018.
• Responsible for signing 40% new properties in 2018 and assist them on board. (Cold calling and hold up the seminars.)
• Participated the market research and suggest the new sales strategy for top management team.
• Identify regional supply requirements to head quarter, in terms of product offerings and promotions to match with market demands.








Taiwan Glass Ind. Corp. , International Business Team Supervisor, Oct 2015 ~ Dec 2017

•Managed 25 accounts (including 5 key accounts: McDonalds, Daiso Japan, Nitori Japan).
• B2B Business development, according to the different regions, formulate the specific business strategy and develop the potential customers.
• OEM coordination, team working with factory and suppliers, to meet customer demands and ensure timely order export.
• Product Development, according to the competitors’ information and customer demands, to evaluate and develop the 20% new type products.
• Analyzing and predicting the 50% mainstream product for my responsible market.
• Reviewing and analyzing the product portfolio, to provide the suggestion for future production.
• Sourcing (Equipment), contact and negotiate with over 30 suppliers, to ensure delivery on time.
• Handle the import and export process.
• Leading 2 team members and provide the solutions in their responsible accounts.
• Participated the housewares trade shows in Hong Kong.

• Achievement: Sales revenue growth in 2016-
Australia region-35% (Wholesale Channel)
Japan region- 60% (Retail Channel)
Hong Kong region- 90% (Promotion Channel)







•成果:2016年-YoY銷售收入成長 澳大利亞地區-35%(量販通路) 日本地區-60%(零售通路) 香港地區-90%(禮贈品通路) 


Philips 2020 Air Purifier OTV

•FB: Achieved 100,000+ impression   and 90,000+ Reach in 4 days. 

 •FB: CTR: 3.45% and CPC: 4.25 are        both better than target. 

  (CTR: 2.5%/   CPC:6)

•YT:Achieved 4.6 million impression  

 and 1.9 million+ Reach in 1 month. 

•YT: VTR: 50.5% and CPV: 0.09 are 

 both better than target. 

 (CTR: 45%/ CPV:0.4)

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Philips 2020

Air Purifier OTV

•FB: Achieved 6 Million impression  

 and 600,000+ Reach in 1 month. 

•FB: CTR: 1.2% and CPC: 10.24 are 

 both better than target. 

 (CTR: 1%/ CPC:12)

•YT:Achieved 1.2 million impression 

 and 0.5 million+ Reach in 10 days.

•YT: CTR: 0.3% and CPM: 196 are 

 both better than target. 

 (CTR: 0.4%/ CPM:200)

•Generated average 40% sales revenue growth of all retail and e-commerce channels.

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Philips 2020 Steamer OTV

•FB: Achieved 3 Million impression 

 and 350,000+ Reach in 1 month. 

•FB: CTR: 1.6% and CPC: 8.5 are both   better than target. 

 (CTR: 1.2%/ CPC:10)

•Generated average 25% sales revenue growth of all retail and e-commerce channels.

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Philips 2020 

Coffee x Plain me Media Gathering

•Partnership with Select shop- 


• 1 month-Pop-up Store with over    

 200 visitors per day. 

• Media Gathering 

 (More than 30 media exposures and   over 1 million impression)

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2017 McDonald's 


SLP Program

• Design, production, packing, inspection coordination between factory and customer.

• Quotation analysis.

• Accessories sourcing.

• Planning the production schedule and whole project timeline. 

• Participated the factory audit 

(GMP, CoCand PCA).

•Total Quantity: 50K sets, sold out in 3 days after launch.

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2017 McDonald's Hong Kong

SLP Program

•Total Quantity: 200K sets 

•Cooperated with Minions.

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