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Lucas Lu

I have more than eight years of work experience, including business development, projects management, marketing and product management. Otherwise, with the family for many years of business environment, I'm a comprehensive and business-minded PM.

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As a PM, I used to define the product by impact mapping, story mapping, so that I can define the roadmap and find the best way to the product.

In my experience, the network company has a short product cycle and a new version every two weeks, I have more than a year of experience in Agile development.


Five years of experience in e-commerce, from the company's initial 50 people to more than 200 people, as the company continues to expand, the project I've been responsible are B2B (Banks, 資策會、聯經數位)、DP-Mark、the training for new on board sales、Facebook fans page and FB advertisement.


In my latest two years in college, I joined 南山人壽 as a insurance sales, training the skill of observation and communication by direct sale.


走著瞧股份有限公司(Whoscall),  Oct 2016 - Present

Our squad reorganized this year, so we had a workshop to find out what is the real pain point to our TA, after interview our TA, alpha and beta testing, we define the product roadmap for next year. The key performance are :

1. Optimized the function "chatroom", increase the interaction rate between caller and business user from 10% to 40%

2. Plan free trial and redeem user flow, payment and other marketing requirement

3. Devise the 2018 product roadmap to achieve revenue goal

* The product lunch day is in March 2018, it's still in beta version.

KKBOX, Jul 2015 - May 2016

1. Upgrade advertisement :

- More type and flexible for ad material and pricing calculation

- AD UI/UX optimization

2. Upgrade ad system :

- Account and permission

- New ad delivery, from pricing to impression, audience filter and daily impression

- New flow to create a new ad, decreasing 2 steps and 11 fields

3. New product brainstorming and proposal

PayEasy & 17Life, Dec 2010 - June, 2015

1. Daily EDM (more than 300 millions), Facebook Fans Page maintain, Facebook AD ( ROI between 4~10)

2. Cooperation project with 台新銀行, e.g marketing campaign (Website, APP and ATM coupon)

3. 萬家特約商店開發與維護

4. Establish a new education and training system for new onboard sales

Hi, I'm Lucas

Full of curiosity, responsible and organized a new APP in Gogolook. Passionate about discovering user behaviors and business user's pain point. Love teamwork on coming up new ideas and solving problems in the rapid-changing internet environment.

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