Lukas Kurucz

software engineer 

[email protected]  •  Singapore

I'm passionate about new technologies and tooling.


Software Engineer Nov 2019 - Present @Shopee 🇸🇬

React Native with focus on performance, tooling (Flipper).


Frontend developer March 2017 - Nov 2019 @Smartkarma 🇸🇬

React Native development (iOS, Android), previously EmberJS.


Frontend developer Jan 2015 - March 2017 @Etnetera 🇨🇿

Working on projects for corporate clients. Build on top of our own CMS (jNetPublish).


Freelancer 2013 - Present

Mostly creating small websites for clients.

FS-7-8 Winter White.jpg
To be continued...


React Native

One of the most exciting technologies I'm currently using. Trying to keep up with rapid development (new features every month) in both React and React Native.

- Redux

- RxJS

- React Navigation


Trying to write semantic and valid HTML markup. Which mean extensive usage of HTML5. And also my aim is to make code readable for others.

ECMAScript 6,7,8

When it comes to Javascript, there is always so much to learn. I'm trying to follow up with latest updates, to see what might fit in my daily routine. My favourite (async/await, decorators, object destructuring,..)


I am writing styles mostly with BEM (SuitCSS). Clean and reusable code is my main goal. I am trying to drop SASS in favour of future CSS syntax.


Majority of my freelance job, consisted of creating Wordpress sites using premium themes. I also built few of my own themes. I wrote a bit of PHP from time to time, if needed. 


If needed, I can do some small work in Photoshop (UI, photo editing,..)



My native language.


I am able to speak and write in English at proficient level.

Tools used on daily basis

Toggl, Trello, Google Inbox, Slack, IFTTT, Visual Code, Sublime, inVision, Photoshop,..

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