Luke Liu

I have been working on web development, keep studying cutting-edge knowledge to solve problems , skilled in Javascript and Java.



Javascript, Typescript, Java, C#, SQL


Git, Docker, VSCode, Jenkins, Nginx, Node.js, styled-component, SASS


Chinese (native) 

English (fluent)


Binance , Software Engineer , Sep 2021 ~ Now

To be continued...


GoShare, Frontend Engineer, Nov 2019 ~ Sep 2021

  1. Customer facial recognition management system, which replaced 3rd-party recognition paid service and also reduced our company cost  100 thousands dollars per month, my responsibility is that develop frontend part, and determine the work flow to end user.
  2. Task management system, this application aims our operation team to establish a standard of process to maintain all scooters in several cities, I figured out complex logic and discussed with my colleagues how to develop it.
  3. Single-sign-on (SSO), following OAuth specification to develop app using oidc-client.js, at same time, I also didn't forget to consider vulnerable part (ex: CSRF, XSS) in app.
  4. Basic UI component, using styled-component to create resilient components instead of buggy and legacy code.


ONElab, Software Engineer, Oct 2017 ~ Mar 2019

  1. Code refactoring, in several projects, I used modern tool (webpack, babel) to refactor old code, makes out app flexible and scalability.
  2. SEO ranking, In our B2C project, we encountered SEO rank too low, so I introduced node.js to server-side-render, to improve rank
  3. Online game, building up a game on the web using react.
  4. Studying design pattern (redux, MVC, MVVM, observer pattern) which can help us to build a better web application.

CORE, Software Engineer, Mar 2017 ~ Oct 2017

  1. Insurance website, this app was used to promote our company's products, this is a first production web that I built, using react, webpack, less.
  2. Marketing event page, create website that improved our product exposure rate growth 40%.


KKday, Software Engineer, Dec 2015 ~ Dec 2016

  1. Maintaining old system , developing new features and refactoring legacy codes
  2. Studying domain know-how with colleagues and supervisors to help others departments work efficiently.
  3. develop experience which from server side to client side, such as CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, PostgreSQL.
  4. Developing html mail to promote the company’s products.


Chung Yuan Christian University, Computer Science, 2010 ~ 2014

Simple C Interpreter — Senior
When I was studying in University, this project was the most difficult
and impressive one to me, ,technically it could be separated to three parts, tokenization, lexical analyzer and evaluator, and I introduced a design pattern which called
interpreter pattern into my project, the pattern makes my code clean and
The interpreter could deal with programming statement and expression, such as IF
ELSE, WHILE, DO WHILE, block scope variable declaration, and detect
grammar error.

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