.  I-SHOU University, Industrial Management 2014 - 2017


・Over two years of leadership experience

・Built a team of ten or more people from scratch

・Like to learn new technologies, not only front-end but back-end, AI and data analysis…etc.

・Expertise in packaging functions for team use

・Operating own blog to share technologies, experiences and my stories

・Experience in developing many large-scale projects that know the importance of each line of code for maintenance


Front-end Manager, DingYi Ltd. Taipei Taiwan Jan 2020 - Present

Vue2 / Vue3 / Nuxt / Ant Design / Vant / Element UI / GitLab CI/Code Review

・Making the rules and processes for team members, like coding style, git flow and commit messages… etc

・Be a coordinator between team members and other departments

・Designing a package project to provide various styles to different customers(Switching styles and configs via Nginx)

・Implementing various game platforms and backstages. Each game platform provides various styles for customers to choose, for example, Style 2 of Product A

・Implementing complete client-side IM service by connecting with third-party services

・Researching technologies and implementing them to optimize projects

Software Engineer, Wonder4Studio Ltd. Taipei Taiwan Jan 2018 - Jan 2020

JSP / Java / Spring / Hibernate / PostgreSQL / JQuery / Bootstrap / Vue2 / Element UI

・Experience in completing a full-end work alone, including front-end, back-end, DB and Nginx

・Rewrite the original JSP project of the company alone by using Vue




・Vue2、Vue3、Vuex、Nuxt( SPA )

・Element UI、Ant Design Vue、Vant、Bootstrap、Layer、JQuery 

・Tailwind CSS、Storybook ・Websocket 





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