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I have 60 technical articles,more than 40,000 views and one of my project has above 200 stars.I also join a small group and share some technical skills monthly. This is my blog and github.

Work experiences

X,2022/2 - Now

X is a multichain decentralised NFT marketplace that is owned and operated by the NFT community. Collect, create and sell across multiple blockchains on the industry's first decentralised NFT marketplace. Governance is provided by the X DAO with voting rights given to token holders.

Tech stack: Golang and Mongo.

IronBank,2022/8 - Now

Iron Bank is a blockchain agnostic, decentralized peer to peer lending platform based on a fork of Compound Finance. Iron Bank bridges liquidity across underserved assets by providing algorithmic money markets to these underserved assets. Users can supply any supported assets and use these supplied assets as collateral to borrow any other supported assets. Iron Bank has launched on Ethereum, Fantom and Avalance.

We have many workers in our backend services. We monitor cryptocurrency prices and get some data via interacting with smart contract to present to the frontend. The backend infrastructure was standalone before and caused some dependency problems and resource race conditions. I modified the backend services to MicroService and those problems resolved.

I build some metrics on Dune to analysis the cash flow and let more people know IronBank lending platform.

Tech stack: AWS, Node.js, Nest.js, PostgresSQL and MicroService infrastructure.

NewType Games,2020/6 - 2021/3(Covid-19 Down Size)

I'm a senior backend engineer.NewType Games is adult games platform company. 

Develop the payment gateway solution with abstract factory design pattern. Implement many local and global payment gateway(ex:MyCard, AliPay, WeChatPay and Paymentwall) with Nest.js. 

Resolve issues: race condition, module dependency and security problem. 

Refactor the project with SOLID principle and made the project to be maintained easily.

Tech stack: Node.js, Nest.js, MySQL and MicroService infrastructure.

Oriente,2019/10 - 2020/4(Covid-19 Down Size)

I'm a backend engineer.Oriente is E-commerce/Finance company. 

Project structure are all following DDD design pattern.

Make the product with node.js and base on MicroServices infrastructure. 

Participate in the design of these modules:Category management、User role management、Merchandise management. 

Tech stack: Node.js, express.js, MySQL, AWS SQS, AWS ECS, AWS ElastiCache, Lambda and MicroService infrastructure.

Our unit test coverage rate is above 85% in each project.

CoolBitX,2018/4 - 2019/10

I'm a FullStack engineer.CoolBitX is blockchain hard wallet company.

Develop Sygna、Sygna-Bridge.

Sygna-bridge:Develop system with AWS lambda, AWS DynamoDB and AWS SQS. 

Sygna:The project structure is following DDD design pattern and many MicroServices in it.We use many AWS cloud services like ECS,RDS,ElasticCache,CloudWatch and SNS. 

Build some cryptocurrency node and some API server(ex: Bitcoincash).

Tech stack: Node.js, express.js, PostgresSQL,AWS DynamoDB, AWS SQS, AWS ECS, AWS SNS, AWS ElastiCache, Lambda and MicroService infrastructure.

SinoPacAsia,2016/12- 2018/3

I'm a FullStack Engineer. SinoPac Securities(Asia) Limited is Finance company.

Build SSO system, SSO backstage and the official website with Node.js and Angular.

Tech stack: C#, Node.js, express.js, MSSQL and Angular.

Institute for Information Industry,2016/1 - 2016/7


Euroasia Real Estate Estimate Group,2014/7- 2015/9

Make some real estate estimated report for banks or courts.

National Chi Nan University,2010/9 - 2014/7

My major is Finance.

Side Project

Token-Monitor 2021/7

React with smart contract and monitor events and functions.

Profit-sharing 2021/7

Provide a tool for company sharing the profit to investor. 

Pathco 2020/9-2020/10

1.backstage for lab.
2.restful API for frontend.

Learning algorithm and data structure with JavaScript 2019/9-2019/10 

I wrote a serial articles about how to learn algorithm and data structure.

Quanfa Trading-component search linebot 2019/4-2019/5

I used linebot SDK,node.js and google excel api to  build the component search linebot.

Yijing Destiny linebot 2019/1-2019/2 

 I used linebot SDK and node.js to build the Yijing linebot.

AngelDeal backstage、RestfulAPI 2018/7-2018/8

I used koa.js and vue.js to build the backstage and restful API for website.

Future investment strategy 2018/1-2018/5

I used koa.js to build the restful API for website.

House rent backstage,2018/1

I used express.js and Angular to build the backstage.

Nest.js 30days,2017/12-2018-1


I wrote 30 articles about learning the Nest.js framework.The framework is very powerful because it's base on TypeScript and includes Angular's and Java Spring's advantages.

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