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I have 60 technical articles,more than 40,000 views and one of my project has above 200 stars.I also join a small group and share some technical skills monthly. This is my blog and github.

Work experiences

NewType Games,2020/6 - 2021/3(Covid-19 Down Size)

I'm a senior backend engineer.NewType Games is adult games platform company. 

Develop the payment gateway solution with abstract factory design pattern. Implement many local and global payment gateway(ex:MyCard, AliPay, WeChatPay and Paymentwall) with Nest.js. 

Resolve issues: race condition, module dependency and security problem. 

Refactor the project with SOLID principle and made the project to be maintained easily.

Tech stack: Node.js, Nest.js, MySQL, and MicroService infrastructure.

Oriente,2019/10 - 2020/4(Covid-19 Down Size)

I'm a backend engineer.Oriente is E-commerce/Finance company. 

Project structure are all following DDD design pattern.

Make the product with node.js and base on MicroServices infrastructure. 

Participate in the design of these modules:Category management、User role management、Merchandise management. 

Tech stack: Node.js, express.js, MySQL, AWS SQS, AWS ECS, AWS ElastiCache, Lambda and MicroService infrastructure.

Our unit test coverage rate is above 85% in each project.

CoolBitX,2018/4 - 2019/10

I'm a FullStack engineer.CoolBitX is blockchain hard wallet company.

Develop Sygna、Sygna-Bridge.

Sygna-bridge:Develop system with AWS lambda, AWS DynamoDB and AWS SQS. 

Sygna:The project structure is following DDD design pattern and many MicroServices in it.We use many AWS cloud services like ECS,RDS,ElasticCache,CloudWatch and SNS. 

Build some cryptocurrency node and some API server(ex: Bitcoincash).

Tech stack: Node.js, express.js, PostgresSQL,AWS DynamoDB, AWS SQS, AWS ECS, AWS SNS, AWS ElastiCache, Lambda and MicroService infrastructure.

SinoPacAsia,2016/12- 2018/3

I'm a FullStack Engineer. SinoPac Securities(Asia) Limited is Finance company.

Build SSO system, SSO backstage and the official website with Node.js and Angular.

Tech stack: C#, Node.js, express.js, MSSQL and Angular.

Institute for Information Industry,2016/1 - 2016/7


Euroasia Real Estate Estimate Group,2014/7- 2015/9

Make some real estate estimated report for banks or courts.

National Chi Nan University,2010/9 - 2014/7

My major is Finance.

Side Project

Token-Monitor 2021/7

React with smart contract and monitor events and functions.

Profit-sharing 2021/7

Provide a tool for company sharing the profit to investor. 

Pathco 2020/9-2020/10

1.backstage for lab.
2.restful API for frontend.

Learning algorithm and data structure with JavaScript 2019/9-2019/10 

I wrote a serial articles about how to learn algorithm and data structure.

Quanfa Trading-component search linebot 2019/4-2019/5

I used linebot SDK,node.js and google excel api to  build the component search linebot.

Yijing Destiny linebot 2019/1-2019/2 

 I used linebot SDK and node.js to build the Yijing linebot.

AngelDeal backstage、RestfulAPI 2018/7-2018/8

I used koa.js and vue.js to build the backstage and restful API for website.

Future investment strategy 2018/1-2018/5

I used koa.js to build the restful API for website.

House rent backstage,2018/1

I used express.js and Angular to build the backstage.

Nest.js 30days,2017/12-2018-1


I wrote 30 articles about learning the Nest.js framework.The framework is very powerful because it's base on TypeScript and includes Angular's and Java Spring's advantages.

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