Magda Ouanes

Professional Skills

Marketing & PR

10 years building great brands: International news channel France 24, LVMH Maison Hermes, Hummer, Cadillac, and Virgin Megastores to name just a few. Conducted numerous local and regional Public Relations campaigns, launch Events, press conferences, Marketing projects and  activations for a diversified portfolio of international leading brands for which I generated huge value in media coverage.  


Communication is the backbone of my career. From brand building and positioning to insight generation and brand awareness campaigns, created and implemented communication plans to drive brand awareness and build brand image in international markets. Tactics included but are not limited to, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns,  media relations, influencers marketing, bloggers/partnerships etc. 


Able to communicate effectively harnessing the power of compelling storytelling and great design.  Crafted various marketing & PR material: press kits, flyers, leaflets, brochures newsletters, websites, and more. I can create eye-catching and professional social media posts, blog headers, email graphics, visually attractive proposals, presentations, e-books and publications using tools such as Canva, Keynote, Ceros etc.   


From major feature stories to shorter news articles, I wrote independently for several online and print media throughout the globe. My focus has always been to shine a light on the global social and environmental issues of our times with a progressive, positive and inclusive outlook on the world. A strong knowledge of journalistic principles, writing and editorial skills has allowed to meet the highest standards of journalism.        

Content Marketing  

Able to provide a data-driven content strategy across various channels tailored to brand audiences and objectives. A substantial background in brand communications and marketing combined with strong factual, persuasive and creative writing skills enables me to create high-quality and compelling content that resonates powerfully with brand audiences while achieving their business goals. 

Writing & Editing

From marketing communications projects to lead magnets; undertook copywriting and editing assignments applying both my journalistic and editorial writing skills to various forms of writing, in a variety of subjects and for different purposes. Most recently managed and edited the Gulf region's number one IT solutions provider's community blog and quarterly newsletter.  


Strong advocacy skills with a genuine desire to enrich the lives of our communities. Raised over 120K $CAN disbursed through the University Foundation of Quebec in Montreal for various scholarship and research funds as well as for other faculty and academic development projects. Supported the welcoming committee during various awards ceremonies. Took part in several academic events to showcase the Foundation's achievements and increased awareness about its activities and mission.

Languages & Translation

Native French speaker, fluent in English with professional working proficiency in Arabic and Spanish.

I occasionally conduct translation work. Recently edited and translated a booklet from French to English. 


  • Emotional and social intelligence 
  • Loves breaking the ice and making connections with people from all walks of life 
  • Positivity: upbeat and gets others excited about what’s next
  • Innovator: strategic, futuristic, big picture thinker; open to possibilities
  • Fact-checking and annotation, researching, interviewing, TV & Radio broadcasting   

Highlighted Comms Experience  

Strategic Communications Consultant, Jan 2015 - Present, Global

Obsessed with combining great ideas and strategic insights to deliver measurable

results. Over the last 4 years companies from the private, public and non-profit sector have trusted my expertise in developing a wide range of communication and marketing tools aligned with their brand objectives. 

Expertise include:

Inbound Marketing |Creative brand campaigns | Storytelling | Lead Magnet Development | Blogging |  Email Campaigns | Social Media Content | PR | Copywriting & Editing| Publishing | Web Design & Development  

Clients include:

Sun In Motion (AKI Investment Group) solar energy, UAE  

Gulf Business Machines (IBM) the Gulf’s leading IT solutions provider 

Global Communications Agency (GCA) Dubai, UAE 

GKS Security - UAE & Afganistan 

Fatima Bin Zayed Initiative (FBMI) - Social Enterprise, UAE & Afganistan 

Just Be Holistic Center - Dubai, UAE 

Wild & Wise - Health & Wellness, Dubai, UAE 

Enzo Le Beau - Catering & Gastronomy, New York City, USA

Mia Mel Crepes - Catering, London, United Kingdom 

GDJ Affordable Housing, Accra, Ghana 

D-Globe Green Homes, Accra, Ghana 

Global Prefab Construction, Accra, Ghana      

General Scope: 

  • Delivered various web design and development projects 
  • Provided copywriting servies for companies ranging from Third sector organisations to IT, renewable energy, holistic wellbeing, wellness and beauty, F&B, IT, Security 
  • Managed and edited corporate blogs and newsletters 
  • Developed and implemented communication strategies resulting in enhanced brand perception and exposure among target groups   
  • Crafted various PR and Marketing materials across digital and physical channels   — social media publications, newsletters, press kits etc. 
  • Developed a variety of data collection and lead magnet generation tools

       Experiences 00 00@2x 504900dc09d82f711fdb54cf5763251cab5193a844856da978b2b8f3907ecd5a

Key Account Executive @ PR T!PS Communications Consultants, 2006 - 2009 Dubai, UAE

From brand building and positioning to brand awareness campaigns, created and implemented communication plans to drive brand awareness and build brand image in international markets. 

Developed and coordinated diverse PR & Marketing activities for international leading brands such as LVMH Maison Hermes, Cadillac, Middle East Airlines and France 24. 

Crafted various PR and Marketing materials: banners, roll ups, press kits, press releases,   fact sheets, Q&A's, branded media/consumer gifts etc.   

Tactics included media relations, sponsorships, launch events and brand activations, road shows, awards and speaking engagements etc.   

Organised regional launch of France 24's Arabic news channel

Conducted several PR activities, events and media relations campaigns supporting              Liberty Automobiles' expansion in the UAE 

Coordinated the opening event including the press coverage of Hermes first boutique in Bahrain 

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Selected Journalism Experience

Contributing Editor @ lepetitjournal.com, Dubai & London Editions, Jan 2015 - October 2016

Freelance journalist for the largest media network dedicated to the french-speaking expat communities across the world I succeeded in working independently while delivering front page news articles. This valuable experience has thought me to perform around the constraints of a challenging media environment providing unbiased factual reporting.

Actively participated in the editorial process submitting original content ideas / Produced substantial editorials and feature articles on local and international stories / conducted several editing & proofreading work  

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Journalist @ Magazine L’Itinéraire, Montreal, QC  - 2014

From major feature stories to shorter news articles, I have successfully delivered and published over a dozen of articles on a wide variety of topics. This experience has led me to demonstrate intellectual thoroughness to challenge the status quo and prejudices about the most vulnerable in our society.

Partook in both the editorial and production activities of the magazine / Pitched stories for future editions in line with the publication’s editorial orientation / Delivered diversified in-depth news articles, reports, briefs, features and other forms of content / Conducted consistent work of research and interviews with several public figures and members of civil society / Conducted proofreading and editing work  

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Journalist @ Journalimedia.uqam.ca, Montreal, QC - 2013

The university campus being our exclusive ground, I successfully rose to the challenge demonstrating an ability to give every story and event a societal dimension. My global outlook on life has also allowed me to transcend the local ground unearthing stories with a worldwide resonance. 

Actively participated in weekly production meetings  with other editorial team members to set the agenda for following editions / Carried-out research, investigative work and interviews with a large pool of academic figures and the community / Wrote different forms of journalistic content covering nearly all the sections of the online news platform

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Freelance News Reporter @ CHOQ FM, Montreal, QC - 2013

Developed and mastered the technical skills to produce high quality and engaging audio content. Produced feature story series about environmental initiatives enjoyed by thousands of listeners weekly. 

Submitted and produced own content / Conducted interviews and research on a large variety of topics /  Edited radio reports independently

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