Mahmoud Mohsen Hassan  •  (+20) 101-0964769  •  Cairo, Egypt

A very passionate pharmacy graduate with a broad background in the field of molecular biology and metabolomics, teaching skills, stress management skills and team leading experience. Seeking a challenging opportunity to use my talents and discover new skills in me. 

My dream is becoming the best cancer biology researcher in the world and to form the first human cancer research unit in the world across all major cancer research groups all over the world.

Work experience

QIAGEN_Technical application specialist  Jun 2015 - Present

QIAGEN, Switzerland, Certified trainer on QIAGEN NGS system 

Trained the Sudanese molecular forensic lab crew on HID kit system automation. 

Instructor in QIAGEN's technical training. 

Trained the biochemistry staff in El-Mansoura University on western blotting workflow, data analysis and troubleshooting.

Instructor in qPCR array training in El-Mansoura University. 

Instructor in Molecular genetics training in El-Zahraa hospital.

AgenaBioscience, Genotyping and somatic mutation detection by Mass array training in Egypt.

Experience in operating, data analysis and troubleshooting of NGS for DNA SNP detection, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, Bisulfite methylation detection.

Experience in Pyrosequencing Methylation, Microbial ID - PyroMark.

Experience in Sequencing DNA SNP detection, RNA, miRNA and methylation - ABI 3500. Experience in operating and trouble shooting Real time-PCR: Gene expression analysis, SNP genotyping, miRNA analysis, methylation detection. 

PCR array system (Gene expression, Somatic mutation, miRNA, Methylation and ChIP)

Good knowledge of Flow Cytometry for hematology and cell culture staining 

Experience in Protein western blotting. Experience in DNA/RNA/Protein extraction. 

Experience in Capillary electrophoresis - QIAXcel, Bioanalyzer 2100.


Sigma-tech pharmaceuticals _ Q.C. specialist Feb 2015 - Jun 2015

Formed time maps for material analysis

Formed Standard Operating Procedure "SOP" for operation of "KERN analytical balance"

Raw material sampling according to G.M.P. guidelines

Chemical analysis according to recent pharmacopoeias following G.M.P. rules.

Excellent operation skills on H.P.L.C. and G.C.

Excellent operation skills UV spectroscopy

Excellent operation skills IR spectroscopy.


Plant tissue culture and metabolomics lab—Research assistant Feb 2012 - Dec 2014

Experience in U.P.L.C. and G.C. coupled with Mass spectrometry data analysis

Experience in sample handling and preparation

Experience in Plant sample material lyophilization



American University in Cairo, Professional certified trainer

Grade: A

G.P.A.: 4.00

My final project in this course discussed genetic similarity and its relation to different diseases and how to introduce it to non-professional audience.


Cairo University, Faculty of pharmacy

B.Sc. of pharmaceutical sciences 

Practical training

QIAGEN_Hombrechtikon, Switzerland

In this training I was trained on NGS solutions by QIAGEN, NGS workflow, Sample and run quality control, data analysis using CLC Bio genomic server and troubleshooting.

AgenaBioscience_Cairo, Egypt

In this training I was trained on Massarray genotyping and somatic mutation detection using MALDI/TOF technique.

Plant tissue culture lab_Cairo University

In this training I was trained on sample lyophilization, sample collection, analytical balance and UPLC, GC, MS data analysis.

National research center_Cairo, Egypt

In this training I was trained on bioinformatics, bacterial culture, ELISA, western blotting, Plant tissue culture and research planning.


Johns Hopkins University, Genomic data science specialization

Introduction to Genomic technologies.

Genomic data science with galaxy.

Python for genomic data science.

Algorithms for DNA sequencing.

Command line tools for genomic data science.

Bioconductor for genomic data science.

statistics for genomic data science.

Genomic data science capstone project.

Melbourne University, Epigenetic control of gene expression

University of Toronto, Bioinformatics methods

Pharmaceutical research society, Scientific research methodology

Cairo University, Drug Design principles 

Leader of the best presentation winning team Formed a video tutorial about operating procedure of "Molecular Operating Environment" software.


Zewail city for science 

Molecular biology specialist in Center of Aging Associated Disease"C.A.A.D.".

      My current job is to develop a RT-PCR based protocol to quantify mitochondria in different species.

      Good operating skills in Western plotting.

      Good operating skills in Cell culture.

Microsoft, Misr ta'amal

My role included designing posts and campaigns that would be beneficial for youth to develop and find matching jobs that would benefit their professional lives.

Scientific publications

Is Lactoferrin has a role in Cancer Cachexia?

Ayman Aboda1, Wafa Taha2, Iman Attia2, Nelly Alieldin2, Mahmoud Hassan2, Rupinder Kanwar1,  Jagat Kanwar1

Metabolic fingerprints of 21 date palmfruit varieties from Egypt using UPLC/PDA/ESI-qTOF-MS and GC-MS analyzed by chemometrics

Mohamed A. Farag a,b, ⁎, Mahmoud Mohsen a , Ramona Heinke b , Ludger A. Wessjohann b,

( a )Pharmacognosy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt 

( b )Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Dept. Bioorganic Chemistry, Weinberg 3, D-06120 Halle (Saale), Germany


Mai, 2012_Head of academic team, Pharmaceutical Research Society, Cairo University

Director and manager of the scientific cycles

Participated in directing the "Scientific schools"

July, 2012_Drug Design workshop, Faculty of pharmacy, Cairo University.

Winning team leader in the final graduation project.

We produced a simplified video tutorial on MOE software.

March, 2012_Drug profile 7, Faculty of pharmacy, Cairo University

Best advertising video award.

2005_National awareness competition, El-Helmia preparatory school

Member of the first place winning team in the local competition and third place team in Cairo competition.



Total score ... 97

  • Reading ... 24
  • Listening ... 23
  • Speaking ... 26
  • Writing ... 24


  • Mathematical reasoning ... 156
  • Verbal reasoning ... 143
  • Analytical writing ... 3.0

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