Mahmoud Nagy Mahmoud

Mokattam, Cairo, EG  • +201118516664 • [email protected]

R&D Embedded System Developer at Conative Labs

I'm a creative thinker, problem solver and developer, interested in low level programming, OS development, hardware PCB design and interfacing, but I always code for fun, so I made various projects on various platforms as well using different language such as mobile app, desktop app and server side back-end.


  • Graduated From Badr Private Language School 
  • Graduated From Computer Engineering At Helwan University. (2014-2019) With V.Good
  • Military Status: Exemption


  • Excellent at English
  • Excellent in solving problems
  • Quick and Self Learner
  • V.good communication skills 
  • Adapt fast
  • Self-motivation

Hobbies and Interests:

I enjoy reading English novels, and enjoy watching films, English series and anime, I love learning physics and expanding my knowledge with its theories, I'm obsessed by space and astronomy, I love sports specially parkour, I'm active person, love to work in team and I enjoy leadership, I’m always interested to learn a lot and new things about technology and computers, and I always find it fun to code.



I've used C for embedded system development and used it to develop application over Linux, you can find some projects on my github specially Focus.


C Programming for Embedded by Kirk Zurell


Used Python for making simple scripts, also made my graduation project using it and used it for back-end development using Django, also I taught python as a course on my third year at college as a Pixels SA Instructor.

Have a look on my simple EMBD site over github

Embedded systems

I've made multiple projects using various architectures, (atmega/8051/esp32), I also used ceedling/Unity for unit testing c/embedded c project and I'm still developing myself more in this field, by learning using projects using ARM based arch.

Linux Device Driver

I've made some simple drivers for my graduation projects, also I made a driver for a USB framework project, You can find U-Frame project over github.

Linux kernel development by Robert Love
Linux Device Drivers by Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini, and Greg Kroah-Hartman


I've been using Linux as OS for 8 years or more now, so I have a solid understanding of it's system, and how to use well, and already know how to write scripts using bash or python over it.

All github projects are made over Linux.

PCB Design

PCB design using KICAD, and high speed digital integrity still underdevelopment

Operating Systems development

I'm obsessed with OS, and I'm trying to contribute in various projects and to learn about its theories and its development

Operating System Concepts by Abraham Silberschatz

Problem Solving


Introduction to Algorithms​

The Algorithms Design Manual


I self studied assembly over i386 processors family over Linux, at my first year of college Book​s: Assembly Language step by step programming with Linux


​I've experienced using OOP when developed Android apps at my first 2 years of college, and Also I teached it while teaching Python Books:​ The Object-Oriented Thought Process by​ Weisfield

Android Development

I used to have a small team called Mereative we developed android applications with its backend as freelancers


I've used C++ for various small projects and with QT.


R&D Embedded System Developer at Conative Labs (Started: June 2019)

Currently I work for Conative-labs we develop their Nilebot device, experiencing wifi/gsm communication with backend server, sensors sensing and interfacing, i2c/spi communications with other devices etc..

IBM Internship

I took internship at IBM​ , about Infrastructure and administration, learnt a lot about the concept of cloud, and Web application server, and other related technologies and methods, like dev-ops and so on


I work on Freelancer and Upwork. from time to time, I made some small projects mostly using Python and C

Open Source Contribution

I contribute to multiple projects I use in github and gnome gitlab for fun

Founder of small freelancer team

I’m founder of Android development team called ​ Mereative​ , we’ve made a blood bank android app, my role was ​ backend development using ​ python and Django​ , and helping in android development ​

3rd place in MIE

I worked with a team for their ​ graduation project​ , and my role was user space application and ​ libraries​ that integrated with I/O hardware devices using C over Linux embedded system​ , and with that project we won the ​ 3rd place in MIE​ .

IEEE RAS Under-construction

I also joined ​ “IEEE RAS Under-construction”​ Robots Competition and ​ won the second place​ with my team “Error”, and my role was the electrical and control section of the robot.

Pixels Student Activity

  • I was president of Pixels Student Activity.  :2018/2017
  • I was the ​vice Academic director​ in ​ Pixels Student activity​ , my role was to build team of instructors to teach others about various fields of programming and embedded systems.   :2016/2017
  • Before that I was an academic instructor for Pixels before and taught Python​ programming language.  :2015/2016
  • With Pixels Team, I participated in making a lot of embedded projects like Bank simulation, line follower robots and others using ​arduino​ and ​AVR​ .

JournyToCenterOfLinux Blog

Currently making a blog about GNU/Linux, I speak about Linux system and other software that relates to it.

Graduation Project with Excellent Grad

My graduation project I experienced advanced PCB design and dealing with real pcb manufactures, wrote Linux Drivers for sensors used, also experienced DSP techniques specially in Sound Noise Reduction, VAD, etc.. Dealt with sensors Like mpu6050 (gyro/accel) also mic/speaker i2s interface, also experienced some ML 

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