Mahmoud Nagy Mahmoud

Embedded Linux engineer with 3 years experience in the field, interested in OS and Linux development, seeking a responsible job with an opportunity for professional challenges.

Embedded Linux Engineer @ Valeo
El-Mokattam, Cairo, EG

+201118516664 • [email protected]


  • Graduated From Badr Private Language School
  • Graduated From Computer Engineering At Helwan University. (2014-2019) With V.Good

Work Experience

Valeo, Embedded Linux engineer, March 2021 (Current)

Valeo one of the leading company in automotive industry. I help with Linux development for embedded devices, already worked with drivers for network interfaces, RPmsg, U-boot, yocto, dts, etc..

MicroGrow, Freelance Senior IOT embedded engineer, Jul 2020 (Current)

US company I work with them remotely, as a senior embedded engineer my role is to design a whole new IOT product with them for green houses.

Conative Labs, R&D embedded engineer, Jul 2019 ~ Jul 2020

I worked for Conative-labs helped in developing their Nilebot device, experienced wifi/gsm communication with back-end server with various protocols like MQTT, HTTP and SSL, sensing and interfacing with various sensors, communicating with other devices using i2c/spi/uart

Embedded System & Back-end Freelancer at Upwork

I'm Top Rated over Upwork, worked over it to develop embedded system tech and back-end

Main Technical Skills

Linux Developement

  • DTS, USB/GPIOS/IIO device drivers
  • Network interface device drivers
  • RPmsg(shared memory - multiprocessor)
  • U-boot
  • application and interfacing with Linux
  • Yocto & buildroot

Embedded systems & IOT

  • IOT: MQTT/HTTP, SSL, Bluetooth/Wifi/LORA
  • FreeRTOS 
  • MESH Network
  • Ceedling & Unity Test driven Development frameworks
  • Used various platforms like (AVR/ESP32/EFM8/STM32)
Programming Skills
  • C (Main)
  • C++ (High Experience)
  • Python (High Experience)
  • Django
  • bash
  • SQL
Other Technical Skills
  • Linux as OS
  • Git
  • Make/CMake
  • Jenkins
  • Excellent at English
  • Native Arabic
Personal Skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Excellent in solving problems
  • Quick and Self Learner
  • V.good communication skills
  • Adapt fast

Courses & Interns

 IBM Internship  Aug 2017 ~ Sep 2017

  • Infrastructure and administration
  • Cloud
  • Web application server
  • dev-ops


Open Source Contribution

I contributed to multiple open source projects I use, in github and gnome gitlab for fun.

Pixels Student Activity 2015 ~ 2018

  • I was president of Pixels Student Activity.  :2018/2017
  • I was the ​vice Academic director​ in ​ Pixels Student activity​ , my role was to build team of instructors to teach others about various fields of programming and embedded systems.   :2016/2017
  • Before that I was an academic instructor for Pixels before and taught Python​ programming language.  :2015/2016


IEEE RAS Under-construction

Won the second place​ with my team “Error”, and my role was the electrical and control section of the robot.

3rd place in MIE

My role was user space application and ​ libraries​ that integrated with I/O hardware devices using C over Linux embedded system.

Personal Information

  • Birth Date: 13/12/1995

  • Military Status: Exempted
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