Mahmoud Zahran                                                                   Senior Android Developer

Experienced and dedicated mobile app developer offering 5 years of expertise to the Mobile Development industry. Dynamic and personable with a strong focus on the application life cycle. Desires a software-driven position that provides customized business-to-business applications.

Work Experience

TEZ TOUR Egypt, Android Developer, Aug 2017 – present 

Tez Tour Website

Supervise Android Team, Review code, set Analysis for any Mobile APP requirements, Develop and Build new Android Applications, new features and update for existing apps.

Osit, Android Developer, Apr 2017 – Jul 2017 

 Osit Website

Develop and Build new Android Applications serving hotels, restaurants and other services, new features and update for existing apps.

Smart-Wave, Android Developer & Instructor (part Time), Mar 2017 – Nov 2017, Mar 2018 – May 2018   

 SmartWave Website

Develop and Build new Android Applications serving education, Social media app, and e-Commerce like integration with ERP system  , new features and update for existing apps,
Courses: (Android Development & OOP using C++).

Gateway Academy, Instructor (Part-Time), Oct 2016 – Jan 2017 

Courses: (Android Development, C++ programming, object oriented programming with C++).

Cammedar, QT C++, OpenCV & Computer graphics developer, Oct 2016 – Dec 2016  

Interact with images and 3D models to do medical purpose. tools: Qt, Blender, Opengl, and OpenCV.

Nour Systems, Android Developer, Mar 2015 – Oct 2015  

Nour Systems Website

Develop and Build new Android Applications


Suez Canal University, Ismailia, EGYPT, Sep 2011 - Jul 2016

Very Good (81.84%), Graduation Project Grade: Excellent. 

Activities: operating system lecture.

University Of Luxembourg, Campus Kirchberg, Luxembourg , Sep 2014 - Feb 2015

Erasmus Mundus Student at University Of Luxembourg, one semester at BINFO. Fatima AlFihri program, under graduated Student.


ARABIC – Native, ENGLISH – Very good, GERMAN – Basics, FRENCH – Basics.

 Programming Skills



MVC, MVP architecture and MVVM

RX-java, Dagger 2, Picasso, and Butter knife, Web services using retrofit, firebase, GCM and FCM, Printers SDK and printers languages and APIs, Design & Animation. 

IOS: (Beginner). 

 Swift programming language, Alamofire.



VCs (Git, and SVN).

OOP (Object Oriented Programming), Data structure, and Algorithms, OpenCV, OpenGL& MATLAB, QT programming, prolog, and assembly.


DATABASE: SQL/SQL Server/SQL Developer.

Networks Course: Introduction to Computer Networks (Cisco course fundamental). 

OS: Windows, Linux, mac.


TEZ TOUR EGYPT Aug 2017 – present
Develop New Apps, Maintenance, solving bugs, and updates some of them
Press any project name will get you to paly store.

Transfer Lookup

Help Airport Transfer to Easy access to trans lookup report using Bar-code Reader


Help guides to make reservations and shopping, and this used for Egypt and have another 4 for another destinations.


Help our customers to know our Offers and new tours.


Used for knowing transportation information for tourists in operation team.


Help our Tours Supplier receive the sent work ( Rides ) and all needed details about clients.


Help our Tours Supplier receive the sent work ( Rides ) and all needed details about clients.


Help employees to have all company contacts and update it Automatically

I-Transfer Android

Help transfer man to know all needed details for his rides.

I-Transfer  IOS

Help transfer man to know all needed details for his rides.


Used for tracking buses and employees location.


Used for sell packages for tourists.

Shop Guide

Help Guides knowing all sales orders and what shops will he works on by Date

Smart-Wave Apr 2017 – Jul 2017
 Develop New Android Apps.


This is a social media Application used by Company employees as private communication between employees have posts, profiles, events, News, calls, video calls, and notifications (this is used by limited user to private company and still not uploaded but I have screen shots).


(Educational android app help student to communicate with teachers and each other) I Handled the technical and design

Osit   Apr 2017 – Jul 2017
 Develop New Android Apps.

Restaurant app

Develop to achieve goals and did works like (search technique, some of android developments, and back-end (data base, and web services).

Home Launcher 

Create new custom lock screen and some home screen features as a launcher app using android development

Nour Systems  Mar 2015 – Sep 2015
 Develop New Android Apps.


Decision making on ERP system as a reporting system and Data Entry.

CRM Tele-Sales

Help employees to follow steps with customers easily using android application.

Graduation Project  2016 (Excellent)

DjVu++  (A DjVu documents reader, open-source).

A new development to AOCR (Arabic Optical Character Recognition) as a one feature on the project and make it as a new open-source. I worked for AOCR module, And Android End User. Use C# programming language, OpenCV with java programming and Matlab.

Other projects

SHOOF, SUPPER-LUX “freelance android projects”.

 Cammedar medical purpose project, Tools: QT C++ Using OpenCV Lib and OpenGl, for Remotely internship California, U.S.A


All certificates, proves and documents are available upon request.

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