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Although Malcolm Matthews has traveled to over twenty-five different U.S states and several cities in Europe and Western Africa, he still aspires to visit a host of different regions in the future. For more information visit here: Malcolm Matthews

More About Malcolm Matthews 

Malcolm Matthews is a professional editor and independent writer who has a PhD in Interdisciplinary Humanities. When pursuing research as a Ph.D student and teaching assistant, Malcolm dedicated his time to studying Autism Spectrum Disorder and examining the ways in which the disorder is portrayed through various spheres of popular culture. Here's a look at the third collection of interesting facts you may not yet know about Malcolm Matthews. 

Malcolm Matthews has written a collection of articles that have been featured in some of the world’s most well known scholarly journals such as the Journal of Posthuman Studies and the Journal of Science Fiction Film and Television. He has also been invited to present his research in several regions across the world including the United States, Europe, and Canada. 

As a highly proactive academic and enthusiastic professional collaborator, Malcolm Matthews has been a member of a numerous associations throughout the years. These groups include the Film Studies Association of Canada, the Society for Film and Media Studies, and the Popular Culture Association of Canada. 

Some of Malcolm's personal life goals include continuing to cultivate a happy marriage and to be an outstanding father to his beloved sons. He also aspires to have acquired enough income to put his kids through college and travel with his wife as much as possible. 

When he isn't working as a professional editor or spending time with his family, Malcolm Matthews reads voraciously and pursues a myriad of different general handyman interests and home renovation projects. 


Paris, France (June 2018)

“I-Contact and Malfunctioning Mirrors: Autism and the Failed Lacanian Gaze.” The Inhuman Gaze Conference.

Canada Conference (May 2018)

“Virtually Human: Autism and Disability in the Uncanny Valley.” Popular Culture Association of Canada Conference.

New York (April 2018)

“Critical Response(ability): The Posthuman Ethics of Autism and Disability” accepted for presentation for the NYU 3rd Posthuman Global Symposium in New York (April 2018)

Toronto, ON (March 2018)

“The Comedic Autistic: a Rethinking of the Human and the Humour Being,” SCMS Conference in Toronto, ON (March 2018)

Rome, Italy (July 2017)

“Ex Machina and Posthuman Masculinity,” Beyond Humanism Conference at John Cabot University. Rome, Italy (July 2017)

Newcastle University, U.K. (July 2017)

“The Bromance and the Postmodern Masculine: Autism, Masculinity, and Sex on the Spectrum” accepted for presentation at the Doing Sex: Men, Masculinity, and Sexual Practices Conference at Newcastle University, U.K. (July 2017)

Niagara Falls, ON (May 2017)

“The Autistic Techno-Savant as a Posthuman Saviour of White Masculinity,” Popular Culture Association of Canada Conference. Niagara Falls, ON. (May 2017)

Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS (Aug. 2016)

“Locating the Subjective Male Self in the World of the Autistic Other” accepted for presentation for DAGSE Conference at Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS (Aug. 2016)

Canada, Calgary, AB (May 2016)

“Autistics and Alpha Males in Media: a Techno-Human Bromance for the Postmodern Man,” Film Studies Association of Canada, Calgary, AB (May 2016)

Toronto, ON (April 2016)

“The Posthuman Woman in Film: Getting Under the Skin of Men,” SKIN Symposium: Interdisc. Approaches to Cybernetic Containers, Toronto, ON (April 2016)

Conference, Montreal, QC (May 2016)

“Autism as Genre: Media Representations of the Autistic Techno-Savant,” Popular Culture Association of Canada (PCAC) Conference, Montreal, QC (May 2016)

Conference, Niagara Falls, ON (May 2015)

“The Autistic Technosavant: The Geek’s Gateway to the Modern Masculine” Popular Culture Association of Canada (PCAC) Conference, Niagara Falls, ON (May 2015)

Waltham, MA (May 2013)

“‘sTEENpunk’: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as a Metaphor for Male Adolescence,” Steampunk Conference, Waltham, MA (May 2013)

Business Credentials and Certications:

Film Studies Association of Canada

Society for Film and Media Studies

Popular Culture Association of Canada




Favourite Sports

Soccer , Football , Toronto Raptors (basketball); Buffalo Bills (football)


I read voraciously. I play guitar. I cook, clean, and undertake general handyman and home renovation projects.

Malcolm Matthews Self Motivated Researcher

Malcolm Matthews a highly driven person who is known for his ability to work effectively without constant direction.

Malcolm Matthews the Aspiring Writer 

Malcolm Matthews is a freelance editor who one day wants to make a living writing book. Though he plans to continue editing, his main goal is to write books and articles on autism, especially with respect to how it is portrayed in popular culture, which was the subject of his doctoral thesis.

Malcolm Matthews: A Proactive Collaborator 

Malcolm Matthews was a member of the Poplar Culture Association of Canada for three years.

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