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Manas Kumar NZ

CEO of Property Magnets  •  Auckland, NZ  • 

A successful businessman based in NZ, Manas Kumar has been involved in two public listings of companies and has also acted as a strategic advisor to three other businesses. Throughout his career, Manas Kumar of NZ has been responsible for raising a substantial amount of money for projects. In total, he has raised over $18 million in capital.


Bachelor of Art in Economics, Statistics, Mathematics (Major)


Diploma in E-Commerce Strategies

New Zealand


Subject Matter Expert

Banking & Financial Services
 Marketing Automation Systems
 Payment Applications
 Consumer Technology Trends
 Product Design & Delivery
 Systems Architecture & Implementation
 Web Applications
 E-Business Strategy
 Idea Materialisation
 Strategy Execution
 Human Resource Management
 Enterprise Resource Management

Technical Skills

Linux Systems Administration Skills (Red Hat, CentOS, Slackware, Fedora or any Debian package)
 Server Setup and Management
 Web Application Programming (PHP, MySQL, SQL, Cassandra, Berkley DB, Javascript, XML)
 Advanced Enterprise Software Development (C++, JAVA, C#, .NET)
 Database Management (Any database from SQL to Oracle and everything else in between)
 Software Automation
 User Interface Design & Implementation
 Graphic Design (Photoshop)
 Web Design (HTML5, CSS 2/3)
 Financial Algorithmic Trading Software (MQL4, MQL5, Metatrader, C#)
 Cluster Automation
 Artificial Intelligence (AIML)
 Neural Network Driven Machine Learning Algos (FANN, ANN)

Business Skills

Financial Modelling & Forecasting - I can think macro and act micro.
 Corporate Governance - I know what it takes to be accountable toward other people’s money 
 Financial Management - Business intelligence & accountability are my daily focus
 Cashflow Management - I’m stingy but mindful of where to spend, when and how much.
 Enterprise Resource Planning - I believe in real time and the power of actionable information
 Business Presentations & Pitching - My pitches seldom return empty handed
 Strategic Partnerships & Alliances - I’m particularly good at securing partnerships
 Creation & Implementation of HR Policies around performance management
 Project Management - I can manage teams across the planet in order to get things done.

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