Mandira Mukherjee

Data analyst

  Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Data analyst with 4 years of experience interpreting and analyzing data in order to drive successful business solution . Proficient knowledge in statistics , mathematics and analytics. Excellent understanding of business operations and analytics tools for effective analyses of data

Data Analyst (4A)  •  Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets.

Jan 2019 - Till

 Project :-

(A) Client :- BT Financial Group. (Project Name :-Cost Base Remediation)

      Purpose:- The purpose of this project to make MCL (Master client list) for client that have assets transfers into                               panorama and identify if their client transferred their assets from external platform.

      Responsibility:-  (1) To create MCL for all clients. 

                                        (2)To assist further data cleansing once data is retrieved.

(B) Client:- Ferrero Inc. (Project name:-Member remediation for incorrect benefit design)

       Purpose:-Ferrero is BT super employer  sub-plan. It was identified by employer payroll team that                                                         they had been setting up members in the wrong insurance category.

       Responsibility:- (1) identified how many members are impacted and from which years .

                                        (2) find out the correct insurance amount of the member should pay .

                                        (3) rectify or remediate based on correct benefits design.

Analyst •  Wipro Ltd.

Sep 2016 -  Jan 2020 


    (A) Client:- Multiple client (health and welfare project)

       Description:- It is a health and welfare project where users of client can view and select various health plans                                         and services which client offers, with various SSO for other services provided. The project is                                             primarily focusing on the redesign of existing health site. Project is about managing data of all                                         state employees worldwide and display correct health care facilities available with employee on                                    the site. It is a fully functional end to end project which manages all third party vendors and user                                    claims.


                                    1)Preparation of unit test cases, integration test cases, system test cases

                                    2)Functional, Regression and Parallel  testing

                                    3)Performance testing

                                    4)Logging of defects in Maestro/JIRA(Defect Tracking Tool)

(B) Client :-Multiple client (Project Name:-Health and welfare system portal design)

       Description :-It was a health and welfare system portal designed for the employees, to which we                                                  provide health and welfare facilities. Being a third party we managed intermediate                                                  between vendors and client, handling all client data and all payment transactions                                                   deductions to employee payroll.

      Responsibilities :-

                                      1)Involved in daily meetings.

                                      2)Involved in requirement gathering and discussions with clients and Configuration                                                  specialist.

                                             3)Creating and executing test cases for stories available in every Sprint.

                                             4)Functional testing

                                             5)Clarification and defect triage meeting with onshore counterparts.

                                             6) Conduct Regression testing.

Technical exposure 

  • Software Development Models: Agile, Waterfall
  • Platform: Website and Mobile Apps (IOS and Android)
  • Languages: Core Java.
  • Database Concepts : MySQL, SqlServer
  • Project Management Tools : Jira, Maestro
  • Business Intelligence Tools:  Alteryx
  • Operating Systems: Windows 


Aug 2012 - Jun 2016

Uttar Pradesh Technical University

Computer science

MARCH 2010 - MAY 2012




User Experience

  • User testing
  • Web usability


  • Competitor analysis
  • Business research


  • Bengali
  • English
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