Marc Bistricer

Marc Bistricer was known for his eccentricity and exciting style of play. He played the sport from a young age, being exposed to it by his parents. The way he plays squash is energetic and unpredictable- much like himself! It's also reflected in how he approaches life as a whole: taking risks when it comes to expressing himself artistically, competing on behalf of others who cannot do so themselves (as seen with charity), and even teaching people about such things through public speaking engagements.

Marc Bistricer is one of the top 100 players in the world and has been on Tour since 2008. He made two consecutive quarter-finals in 2014 at both National Squash Academy Open and Costa Rica Open de Squash, which are just two examples of his success this year. His second place finish at MAA Invitational was a further illustration that he had a great year throughout his career as well.

Marc Bistricer has reached a string of semi-finals throughout 2019 and 2020, before securing his first PSA title in 2018. In total, he currently holds two career titles - one this year!


University Of Toronto, Master’s Degree, Kinesiology, 2013 ~ 2014

University Of Toronto, Bachelor’s Degree, Kinesiology, 2009 ~ 2012

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