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In 2009, I began to receive work related to alcohol sales, and I also started to become interested in alcohol-related knowledge. In my spare time, I learned about its manufacturing process, origin story, and origin of various raw materials through online self-study and newspapers and magazines in my spare time. The flavors and finished products produced by different production methods will be different, and each has a favorite crowd.

Therefore, the official entry into the industry started from Hennessy LVMH. After entering, I came into contact with all kinds of tobacco and alcohol specialty store consumers or different types of ready-to-drink outlets, and learned how to find the main ethnic group to be promoted and have the opportunity to specialize in replacement. The potential customers of the main brand promoted, and then transferred to Pernod-Ricard through referrals, and started a richer product line promotion road.

In the past few years, Pernod Ricard has learned that before promoting products, we must treat people with sincerity and fully understand product knowledge. We must also understand the advantages and disadvantages of our products beforehand, and communicate in the customer’s own language to make them better. I was able to understand the advantages of my own products and tried to promote them on the shelves, and I was fortunate enough to get the support of most customers and consumers. During the period, I was able to continue to increase market share and sales.

And I believe that success does not fall from the sky, it is traceable, and the basic requirements are self-confidence and determination to persevere. Self-confidence is the key to cultivating the potential to succeed, and determination is the weapon that can continue to work hard to the end when encountering difficulties and setbacks. Now I also hope to enter a developing company and follow the company. The goal of continuing to do what I like.


業務主任  •  台灣保樂力加

2013/10 - 2021/04


業務主任  •  酩悅軒尼詩有限公司

2011/05 - 2013/09


業務襄理  •  芯威旺實業有限公司(電子元件銷售)

2010/10 - 2011/08


櫃位銷售領班  •  台灣菸酒(機場菸酒免稅店)

2009/06 - 2010/10



採購副理  •  葉氏家電(駐馬國外採購原與進口報關)

2009/01 - 2009/05



採購副理  •  融程電訊(工業電腦)

2006/02 - 2009/01

主要有主機板成本的零件採購製作與降價,負責採購項目有主、被動電子零件、機構包材類、電源供應方面(Power Supply與Inverter)、一般市售外構成品等以上元件 



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