Marcos Eduardo

Developer since 2013, having experience in web, automated testing, automated reporting, and mobile application. Since 2015 I have been focusing on mobile development, working as a developer and assistant professor of mobile applications. Responsible for refactoring the application Amelicanas Delivery to Clean Architecture MVVM, Aba Global Education's mobile application for school management, and refactoring for the androidx of the Livox application, I have knowledge in UX and app prototyping, always open to new challenges.

Android Developer
Recife, BR

+55(81) 99679-5183 -  whatsapp
[email protected]

Work Experience

Americanas Delivery, Android Developer, Sep 2020 ~ Present

Android leader ( java/kt ) , bitrise ( deploy and App-Destribution ) , firebase ( Auth, Crashylitcs, DebugView, Events ), MVVM, Room. Scrum e Jira. Code-Review and Onboarding to Android team.

BuildCare, Founder (startup ) - Android Developer, Jan 2019 ~ Mar 2020

Android app: building inspection automation (offline database, generated template report pdf using django). Trelo, Agile, Wireframes, prototyping and requirements analysis.

Livox, Android Developer, Apr 2019 ~ Aug 2019

Development/maintenance of Apps. The technologies used are Android Java and Kotlin, Room, Migration to Androidx, and MVC to MVVM.

UFRPE, Teacher Assistant - Android, Jul 2018 ~ Jul 2019

Teacher assistant teaching knowledge for mobile application development using Android Native.

ABA, Android and Web Developer Intern, Dec 2017 ~ Apr 2019  - 2020

Development/maintenance of applications, websites. The technologies used are Android Java and Kotlin, Php and SQL Server.

Federal Rural University of Pernambuco - UFRPE, Teacher Assistant - WEB, Jan 2018 ~ Jan 2019

Teacher assistant teaching knowledge for web development using
technologies such as VueJs, Spring Boot and Mysql.

Ávila Soluções, Developer Intern - Web and Ionic, May 2017 ~ Dec 2017

Development/maintenance of applications, websites, report, and desktop
applications. Using the following technologies: Visual Basic, Visual Basic, Ionic
2, Angular 2, Microsoft Report, Speech Recognition.

Zayed University & UFRPE, Research Assistant , Jul 2016 ~ Dec 2016

Search made in the social machine area using Google Hangouts for one professional environment, this research was approved and consequently published a Short Paper.

Federal Rural University of Pernambuco - UFRPE , Research Assistant , Aug 2015 ~ Jul 2016

Development of an algorithm that can have an effective methodology for
the creation of artificial samples in the area of Pattern Recognition Artificial
Intelligence, aiming at solving problems characteristic of binary classifiers


Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science

2015 ~ 2021

Senac Brazil, Associate’s Degree, Computer Maintenance and Support

2012 ~ 2012


Portuguese (Native or Bilingual)

English (Professional Working)

Spanish (Elementary)

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