Margen (Hsin-Shan) Lin 

A software engineer with hands-on experience, always making strategy before action, and dedicated to using zeros and ones to create a beautiful world without madness.

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Personal summary

2+ years experience of system development

Almost 1 year experience of back-end engineer, 1.5 years experience  of project (IoT architecture, ERP system, warehouse management system)
Familiar with SASD, Java, Laravel, MySQL and other tools, and willing to learn new languages or tools

2+ years experience of freelancer

.Work as a lecturer, host, event planner, theater actor and IT consultant
Familiar with team work, communication and collaboration, schedule arrangement, project writing, resource connection



  • Back-end:
    • Java
    • PHP (Laravel)
    • C++
  • Front-end:

    • JavaScript

    • CSS、Bootstrap

    • JQuery

  • Learning:

    • Java Spring

    • Unity


  • Development: 
    • Docker

    • VS code

  • DB: 
    • MySQL
    • Mongo, Reds, MariaDB
  • Other:
    • Git
    • RESTful API (Swagger)


  • Edit:

    • Power Director

    • DaVinci Resolve

    • Adobe Premiere

  • Design:

    • Adobe Photoshop

    • Adobe Illustrator

  • English:

    • CSEPT Level 1 (PR 88)

Work experience

Niche Bridge International, Inc. •  Consultant

2021/04 - Present

1. Recruit IT industry talent through LinkedIn, Cakeresume, FaceBook and cold calls
2. Focus on back-end/QA/DevOps including Java, Python, Go, PHP, C++, automation tools
3. Collect industry information, track new technologies, and provide professional consultation
4. Connect with over 1,200 people and helped candidates get over TWD$2.7 million in salary ranges

Freelancer • Freelancer

2019/02 - 2021/04

1. Science Teacher:

(1) Use STEAM teaching method, and go to 4 schools in Guangzhou, China for popular science teaching and teach students how to use tablets and computers

2. Film planning and Execution: 

(1) Complete the shooting independently, including planning, directing, writing, shooting, editing and post-production
(2) Use MS Office and Google Service to establish working SOP and files to greatly increase work efficiency
(3) As IT consultant to assist and check the website outsourcing engineer's modification results

3.Club Tutor

(1) Use 130+ board game teaching materials for teaching in 10 primary schools in Taipei through a multiple-intelligence teaching method
(2) Design 30 board game lesson plans and advanced board game course (Strategy class)
(3) Hold 3 board game workshops, with more than 10 people and over 90% satisfaction
(4) Hold a large board game event for 60 people and cooperated with Young Rotary clubs, which was well received
(5) Use Google Service (Doc, Excel, Driver) to establish work database and improve work efficiency by 100%
(6) As HR in my spare time, help recruit and interview 240 job seekers, sign 6 to 16 part-time employees and 6 to 20 cooperative teachers

Back-end engineer  • Adbertech Ltd.

2018-08 ~ 2019-02

1. Maintained and developed DSP system with Laravel 5.2
2. API concatenation and maintain with Swagger
3. Setting environment for development and testing with Docker
4. Version control with Git
5. Develop three kinds of advertisement delivery samples, and became the company's seasonal promotional products with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Project experience

Situational IoT Smart Power Saving System                                                                2017/7 - 2018/6

Freely setting power-saving conditions through "human setting of life situations"

.Design multiple condition loop and multi-threading to collect sensing value, send signal, achieve power saving
.Build WiFi AP on raspberry PI to exchange data and store it in database
Language and tool: PHP、Java、Apache、MariaDB、Arduino language
Hardware: Raspberry Pi、Wemos D1、Sensors

Invoicing System of Hong-Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd.                                                  2017/2 - 2017/6

Product purchase, sales and inventory

Develop GUI for warehouse management of purchases, sales, inventory records with Java
Use SDLC and UML for System Development
Language and tool: Java, MySQL, Apache, MariaDB

Traditional Chinese Medicine Storage System of Taipei City Hospital                  2016/12 - 2017/6

Use touch panel to instantly display the shelf space to manage and handle the space most effectively

Develop GUI and  for warehouse management of purchase, sales, inventory records with Arduino touch panel
Use SDLC and UML for System Development
Language and tool: Java, MySQL, Apache, MariaDB
Hardware: Raspberry Pi、Wemos D1


2017 Get Fresh Competition, Creative Ideas Group

"708 Power Save King", Merit Award and Popularity Award

2017 IMP Seminar

"Constructing ECA Rule for IoT Application through a Novel S2RG Process", Honorable Mention

Volunteer experience

Taipei Sungai Rotary Youth Service Club

Career Group Chairperson  •  2019/12 - Present

1. Annual activities for caring the disadvantaged children, long-term cooperation with Goodshepherd Foundation
2. Hold welfare activities: beach cleaning, river cleaning, anti-drug road run, etc. regularly
3. Hold professional career meetings to encourage young people to integrate with society smoothly

I-Talent Association of R.O.C

Public Relations Planning Team Member • 2015/9 - 2016/6

Set up speaking activities, corporate visits regularly to inspire college students to learn the required soft and hard power knowledge in the industry


National United University 

B.S., in Information Management  •  2014/9 - 2018/6

Thesis (IEEE Journal): Constructing ECA Rule for IoT Application through a Novel S2RG Process

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