Mari K. Okami

Supply chain & operations professional, with a background in operations research & management systems. Over 13 years of management experience. Data-driven approach to process improvement and collaborative management style. Focus on cost-saving implementations and streamlining factory-to-consumer finished goods supply chains. 

[email protected]

+1 917 767 6954

 Lives in Salt Lake City, UT

   14 years in New York, NY

   Originally from Kamuela, HI

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Columbia University, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering & Applied Science

Bachelor of Science, Operations Research: Engineering & Management Systems

Areas of Expertise

Supply Chain & Ops

• Compliance

• Transportation Logistics

• Warehousing

• Fulfillment

• Purchasing

• Forecasting

• Inventory Management

• Supplier Social Responsibility


• Collaborative Team-Building

• Management by Objectives

• SOPs & Best Practices

• KPI Development & Capture

• Business Analytics

• Budgeting


• Proficient in both Windows & MacOS

• Various ERP Systems

• Highly proficient in all Microsoft Office applications

• Miscellaneous web-based applications (Trello, Slack, Airtable, etc.) Comfortable creating custom integrations between apps.

Experience & Responsibilities

360 ELECTRICAL, LLC || Salt Lake City, UT

VP of Operations, 5/2021-Present

Director of Operations, 2/2018 - 5/2021

Direct Reports: Customer Service, Operations Coordinators (2), Purchasing Manager, Inventory & Fulfillment Manager, IT & Integrations Manager

  • Report directly to the company President. Key member of the core leadership team within 360.
  • Develop operational strategies in support of overall company growth strategies, such as enhanced automation for order processing, and provide road maps for implementation, including budgetary needs/impacts, risk assessments, resource requirements, etc. Drive implementation process within the operations team and communicate progress out to company stakeholders regularly. 
  • Identify, engage, and contract third-party supply chain, logistics, and tech/systems partners as is appropriate to supplement our operational capacity and streamline our supply chain.
  • Deploy continuous improvement processes for each Operations functional area to support productivity, morale, and growth. 
  • Provide ongoing support, career development opportunities, and personal growth opportunities for my direct reports. Act as an advocate for my team within the larger organization. Collaboratively set goals and provide the tools and resources to achieve success.
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ALPHA DOMINCHE LTD. || Brooklyn, NY & Salt Lake City, UT

Director of Operations, 8/2015 - 1/2018

Direct Reports: Accountant, Lead Technician, Operations Coordinator, and Assembly Team (1 Assembly Team Lead & 3 Assemblers) 

  • Worked in conjunction with the CEO & CFO to develop organizational processes and accountability across departments.
  • Managed administration, tech support, assembly operations, order fulfillment, logistics, and parts inventory.
  • Daily responsibilities included direct management and administration of all parts procurement and purchasing, assembly, order fulfillment, inbound & outbound freight, labor requirements, tech support, and trade compliance.
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BODUM USA, INC. || New York, NY

Operations Manager, 4/2013 - 8/2015
Supply Chain Manager, 6/2012 - 3/2013
Logistics Manager, 8/2010 - 5/2012

Direct Reports: Logistics Coordinator, Supply Chain Planner, Analyst, and Sales Coordinators (6)

  • Developed, implemented, and optimized business processes. Translated strategic decisions into streamlined tactical processes.
  • Managed factory-to-consumer supply chain and logistics, fulfillment, supply chain analytics, custom product development, and special projects.
  • Created and refined analytical tools to support all business areas. 
  • Led monthly forecasting & budgeting activities and provided performance monitoring against budgeted goals and thresholds.
  • Researched and implemented costsaving strategies across the supply chain, including inbound freight, warehouse handling and storage, and outbound freight.
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BEEPOSH LLC || New York, NY & Rowayton, CT

Operations Manager, 9/2008 - 6/2010

Direct Reports:  Customer Service Manager, Billing Administrator, Order Entry Clerk, Operations Coordinator

  • Managed operations department, including customer service, order fulfillment, logistics, and compliance. Reported directly to the company President.
  • Acted as the primary liaison with third-party warehouse for shipping scheduling and inventory management.
  • Coordinated order processing and customer service with production schedules and inventory levels.
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Credit Manager, 9/2006 - 7/2007

  • Maintained all accounts receivable and performed collection activities for non-factored accounts. Reported to the Chief Financial Officer.
  • Worked with a factor to process charge-backs and resolve payment conflicts.
  • Reviewed all customer orders for approval based upon credit line and account status.
  • Performed month-end reconciliations and generated reports for all receivables.
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Projects & Accomplishments


Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

Researched and implemented cost-saving strategies across the supply chain to include a 17% reduction in small parcel & LTL freight costs; a reduction in assembly and inventory footprint of 50%, reducing rent costs; and scaling back assembly labor requirements by 25%.

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Implemented structure & compliance with general industry standards. Sourced customs brokerage firm to ensure trade compliance on all inbound and outbound international shipments, including carnets, coffee & tea, machines, and machine parts.

Projects 01 02@2x fe789c7495428f4bddd216a44a8d0d12ce13fbeed0f26e9c9f2fa6c5fb4b5cc2

Digitized most administrative operations through implementation of Slack and Trello to remove paper from daily workflows. Set up customized integrations between programs to reduce unnecessary follow up and communication distractions during the work day.


Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

Managed entire Starbucks relationship, a $6M annual revenue business, including all Starbucks, Teavana, Tazo, and Seattle's Best customized and branded products, as well as factory SSR compliance and remediation. Met with Howard Schultz during business trips to the Starbucks HQ in Seattle.

Projects 01 01@2x 5659ae1046a29c3ededd36e4a50b2c0f0c26b5fd7152a5d1cc138de803a81cbf

Managed the production and delivery of over a million units of inventory across two brands to over 1000 “shop-in-shop” JCPenney locations. Simultaneously implemented RFID technology throughout the Bodum supply chain in compliance with JCP’s vendor requirements at the time.

Projects 01 02@2x fe789c7495428f4bddd216a44a8d0d12ce13fbeed0f26e9c9f2fa6c5fb4b5cc2

Initiated trade compliance projects including complete HTS code review for import into the US and Canada, Canadian duty drawback program, and protest filings for 2013 entries. Filed amendments resulting in $46K in recoveries from the CBSA.


Sourced and transitioned to a new domestic warehouse to manage inventory and fulfillment operations for the Americas. Implemented RF scanning, FIFO, and lot tracing processes to improve inventory accuracy and align operations with industry standards. Achieved 17% overall reduction in warehousing costs.

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My Personal Projects

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The Garment Varmint

Vintage & recycled femme fashion. My goal is to encourage less waste in the fashion industry by revitalizing and repurposing vintage garments, and by creating opportunities to sell locally for ourselves and other Utah makers and sellers.

Projects 00 00@2x 25de285f43c486b5a0ddc099900a08387ad7a27243b9ba95b25d3665ee9775ae

SLC Progressive Nonfiction

Progressive nonfiction reading & discussion group based in Salt Lake City, UT.

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The Market at 7th & 4th

DIY pop-up market of talented local makers & sellers located in the Granary District. 


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