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Marjorie Abalos

Marjorie Abalos is a social entrepreneur based in New York City.

New York, NY

Marjorie Abalos on Choosing a Mission in Life

Marjorie Abalos was selected to speak at TEDxLaSierraUniversity in 2017. In her powerful talk, Marjorie told her life story, starting with her family coming to the US when she was a child, progressing to her education, up through her time in the corporate world, and now in her time as the founder and CEO of a nonprofit dedicated to providing healthcare technology to those in developing nations who need it most. Watch and comment! 

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Global Health

Visit to read about Marjorie's experience and take on issues pertaining to public health around the world. From viral outbreaks to scientific discoveries, check on this website for her hot takes on global health. 


Go to to read more on finding your mission in life. From others who are doing a great job to commentary on amazing social movements across the planet, Marjorie has great insight into the process and phenomenal outcomes of finding one's mission in life. 

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CEO and Founder of CLODS Inc 

CLODS Inc. is a global New York City based, mission-driven social enterprise that generates measurable social impact by improving healthcare region by region. The CLODS System is a regional health information exchange platform that has an integrated suite of network-enabled e-health services that can improve the delivery of healthcare services more efficiently and cost-effectively to millions of people in underserved communities throughout the world.

Board Chair and Co-Founder of Out4Good

Out4Good Ltd. is a global New York City based nonprofit, non-governmental organization (“NGO”) that helps improve the policy and decision-making processes of other NGOs, intergovernmental organizations (“IGOs”), educational institutions, businesses, and government policymakers through its collection and analysis of relevant data. As a nonpartisan organization, Out4Good mentors and pairs other NGOs, IGOs, educational institutions, businesses, and government policymakers in an effort to address the numerous issues that affect Earth's rapidly increasing populations and their interactions and relationships with “those who govern” them. In addressing these issues, Out4Good's efforts are focused on how “those who govern” the world's populations are applying an ever-changing balance between the “rule of law” and “human rights.” The directors and staff of Out4Good collectively have hundreds of years of experience working globally with government policymakers, NGOs, IGOs, and educational institutions.

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