Mark O'Connor

Teacher, Aspiring Developer

  Taichung City, Taiwan

I've worked in tourism, hospitality, and education. Now I'm building a career as a programmer because I want to build technologies that improve everything we do. 

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Current Projects

Javascript, Google Maps API

Covid Taichung Information Map

Front-end Project

Developed a website to give COVID-19 information to English speakers living in Taichung City, Taiwan. Created a map using the Google Maps API. Designed the interface and wrote the functions that allow users to filter search results. Users can choose between Covid footprints, city disinfection locations, and health facilities for testing and vaccinations. View site.

JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Canary Bank Student Rewards Bank

Full-stack Project

A functioning bank for my class -- Canary Class. I work in a school and students earn tokens through achievements. They store their tokens in the bank each week and watch their 'wealth' as it grows. Live site coming soon.

Completed Projects

HTML, CSS, ReactJS, Local Storage

Teaching Dialogue Writer

Front-end Project

Developed a web application for English teachers who want to create practice materials for their students. Created an interface which automatically formats the user's text into a 2 person dialogue. Wrote functions that allow users to save dialogues to local storage, delete dialogues from local store, and edit dialogues to work on them anytime. View site.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Covid Taichung FAQ and Search Engine

Front-end Project

Developed a website to give COVID-19 information to English speakers living in Taichung City, Taiwan. Created a collapsible FAQ page that lets users read a list of questions and click to expand for more information. Made a functioning search bar that allows users to input their search questions and see a list of related results. Results are filtered and ordered with the most relevant results shown at the top of the list. View site.

Webnode CMS, Plugins, Javascript

Covid Taichung Information Website

Front-end Project

Developed a website to give COVID-19 information to English speakers living in Taichung City, Taiwan.  Created pages for tracking Covid footprints, daily infection statistics, and recent government announcements.  View site.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Currency API

Taiwan Income Calculator

Front-end Project

Created a website that calculates income and taxes for foreigners living in Taiwan. In step 1, users can input a desired income level and automatically see the breakdown of taxes and net income. In step 2, users can convert their salary into 6 foreign currencies to see how much their salary is worth back home. View site.

Work Experience

Junior Class Teacher  •  Wagor Kindergarten

I was a full-time teacher of 20 juniors. I taught everything from the ABC's to reading, math to science, art to life skills. The students grew from zero English to spending every day completely immersed in English. 

July 2020 - Present

English Teacher  •  Joy English Buxiban

I was a full-time teacher of classes ranging from introductory English to GEPT preparation. I taught grammar, pronunciation, and critical thinking in fast, interactive speaking classes.

June 2019 - June 2020

Literature Class Teacher   •  Wagor International School (WISE)

I taught English literature to students ranging from grade 8 - 12. I taught according to the US Common Core State Standards Initiative. These standards follow guidelines laid out by the US Department of Education and provide students with a foundation in English literacy and critical thinking to guarantee success in their university and professional lives. 

March 2018 - June 2019


2008 - 2014

Simon Fraser University

Business Administration

Major in Marketing and Product Development



  • Front-end (HTML, CSS, JS, ReactJS)
  • Back-end (PHP, MySQL, NodeJS, API Integration)

  • English — Fluent
  • Chinese — Intermediate
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