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Victor Hsia

" Being curious about everything and having the courage to try everything " Various activities and internship I participated in during the university inspired my curiosity about marketing and data analytics. 

So I tried hard to learn the relevant knowledge and skills, continue to improve myself.

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Department of Finance 2014 - 2018

Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU)

I responsible for collecting data on various industries and financial markets in the undergraduate research, so I realized the importance of high-quality data. Whether analysis question of the process, adjustment direction of the project, or even the persuasive of the final result, they all closely related to the data quality.

Language Certificate

English : NEW TOEIC 800 (2018/09)


Social Media Marketing

  • facebook fan page editor of " Microsoft Student Program "
  • The thoughts and outputs of the theme of Facebook posts

Web Analytics Tool

Office & Adobe software

  • Excel 
  • PowerPoint 
  • Word
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 
  • Adobe Illustrator

Internship Experience

Microsoft Taiwan, Administrative Assistant, Nov 2017 ~ Jun 2018

  • Assist sales in collecting various companies data
  • Use Microsoft Onenote and Excel to manage a database
  • Execute daily tasks assigned by the supervisor

Learning : 

  1. Upward management skill by facing lots of supervisors
  2. Improve the speed of search data
  3. Organize a large amount of data into excel report, Improve the reading efficiency of supervisors


Microsoft Taiwan, Sales Administrative Assistant, Jun 2017 ~ Jun 2018

  • Product promotion and sales representatives for various marketing channels and Microsoft events
  • The highest sales of 20 Microsoft Surface and 13 Office software a day at the information exhibition
Learning :

  1. Improve communication skills by contact people in various channels and events
  2. Learn to investigate competing products and develop acute insight of the market

Internship Project

  • Microsoft Student Program Social Media Marketing team
         - The thoughts and outputs of the theme of Facebook posts, on average of four posts per month

         - Analysis Facebook Page Insights reports, Chief Sales officer from Qsreach reviewed and supervised us each month

         - Learn to write a copy that quickly catches people's eye, have purchased two online copywriting courses by my own

         - Improve the skill of filming, have filmed six videos by myself

Interviewed Video of Microsoft General manager

  • Reach 6461 people (average 1534 people in the month)
  • Engagement 1105 times

Employee training opening video

  • Reach 10273 people (average 4532 people in the month)
  • Engagement 1118 times

  • Microsoft Student Program Roving Lecture, CYCU Representative
         - Responsible for the promotion of lectures, VIP invitations, arrangement of venues, event processes, etc. All matters             related to the lectures

         - Combine online and offline marketing strategies, attracted more than 600 students to sign up, More than twice as                 many as in previous years

         - Principle of CYCU first time attended the Lecture

Internal marketing plan powerpoint

This powerpoint contains whole marketing strategies in detail I used to promote the lecture.

Presentation powerpoint

On the day of the event, I gave a 15-minute speech on stage. I put my motto at the end of slides to encourage audience get rid of their comfort zone.

  • Entries of on-campus internship contest 

Participate in the internship contest, and won fourth place.

It is my first self-directed and performed video, and got ten thousands views, 488 likes and 123 shares on facebook.

Overseas Experience         

Projects 01 00@2x

Representing CYCU in Thailand to participate in a worldwide camp  
  • One of six Taiwan representative
  • Complete multiple report topics with students in more than 30 countries 
  • Complete the final project with students from 5 countries including Korea, Romania, Myanmar, China, and America.
  • Improve communication skills in English

Projects 01 01@2x

Received Subsidy from the Ministry of Education to Japan to executing a 17-day plan
  • Got subsidy from Ministry of Education by the project "Grateful to Japan for the financial assistance to the Tainan earthquake" 
  • We have traveled five cities holding a sign and free hug to many Japanese simultaneously got appreciated from them
  • This project got the third place in " CYCU Running Dreams Competition "

Club Experience                                                

Projects 01 00@2x

Minister of Guitar club Activities Department  
  • Hosted and chaired various activities, the largest one is the welcome party which attended 250 people
  • Led 15-person activity group, improve my leadership and observation skills
  • Using limited funding managed guitar club and planning activity, increase experience for management organizations 

Projects 01 01@2x
Staff of Taoyuan City Wanderer 

  • "City Wanderer" is an educational organization, they encourage young people "Self-exploration" and "Get rid of comfort zone"
  • The publicity staff of "First City Wanderer Challenge in Taoyuan"
  • First time being stuff of regional activity, try to use different ways of promotion than a single campus. At last we attracted 219 students from different college attended the challenge.

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