Martin Ballard-Guildford


Effective Student committed to learning, developing skills in Technology and team contribution. Self-directed and energetic with superior performance in both autonomous or collaborative environments, working independently and collaborating with others on group projects.

  Wasaga Beach, ON, Canada      (705) 818-9994.     [email protected]

Work Experience

April 2022 - July 2022

Baseball Umpire

Ontario Baseball Association

1. Managed all aspects of the game, including people.
Responsible for managing on-field logistics including timely start and completion of games.
2. Remained unbiased while resolving on-field disputes and conflicts.
3. Checked for proper equipment and safety hazards.
Made informed decisions unaltered by pressure or emotions.
4. Took the initiative to resolve conflicts between opposing coaches.
5. Settled disputes about the application of settled rules or usages.

June 2022 - June 2022


Birchview Dunes Elementary School

1. Assisted with the smooth running of a Grade 8 Graduation.
2. Maintained clean, neat and operational facilities to serve the events needs.
3. Used advanced communication skills to convey information to others in the team which helped with the other aspects of the event.
4. Supported engaging, fun and smooth-running events by helping with the organization, planning, overall execution of the event.
5. Met with other volunteers and program leaders to discuss different ideas for the event.

August 2021 - August 2021

Camp Leader

Prince Of Peace Church

1. Developing, supervising, and participating in camp-wide programming activities with campers of different ages
2. Participating in training workshops held prior to camp sessions
3. Working co-operatively with other Camp Counsellors to ensure campers are safe, while maintaining adequate health and hygiene measures
Building relationships with all campers by showing compassion, empathy and understanding
4. Taking roll call at the beginning and end of every activity
5. Providing positive feedback for parents



2017 - 2027

Birchview Dunes Elementary School

Currently Enrolled


2013 - 2017

Helen Wilson Public School

Last Grade Of Enrolment - Grade 2


2012 - 2013

Round Tree Montessori

Last Grade Of Enrolment - Pre-K


   Event Cleanup      Teamwork & Collaboration      Creating Work Environments      School Engagement      Verbal and Written Communication      Google Suite      Microsoft Office Suite      Technical Troubleshooting      Organization and Time Management      Computer Skills   

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