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A high quality custom essay is supposed to be unique in the way that it has been wrote and how points have been developed. Custom essay should be plagiarism free and all the lifted concepts should be quoted. In the appendices of the custom essay, authors of books used in literature review should be appreciated. Custom essay is supposed to be aligned with the coursework that the student has been undertaking so that what the student has learned from the coursework should be reflected on the custom essay. Student should buy custom essay from a reputable reliable writing FamilyEssay Company otherwise they can buy custom essay that was already submitted to another examiner for assessment.

There are some custom essay writing service agencies who keep data base of their past written papers and if need arises for papers of the same magnitude, the data-based paper is fetched and submitted to the client which is quite unfair. Research paper topics are supposed to be supported by existing research documents. If the there are no substantial papers that support the research paper topics then the topics should be rendered obsolete. Students are thus advised not to stick to the research paper topics that they see are much refuted by the existing research since there will be a lot of evidence also that negates the research paper topics. Strong research paper topics will highly be supported by existing statistics since such research paper topics have been approved for several times. It is prudent that students are supposed to add little tweaks to the existing research paper topics so that it doesn’t appear they have lifted the research paper topics from the existing research papers.

Buy essay

Custom essays fall among the many types of essays that exist. There are some firms that centralize in writing Custom essays. People buy essay from such firms and enterprises. There are quite a great set of people who find it time sparing to buy essay than to start writing custom essays from scratch. Some of the people who buy essay may include students who want custom essays written for them as assignment or homework. Time is not the only resource that is spared by the buy essay policy. Another reason may be to ensure that the custom essays are written by professionals who have hands on experience in writing. Even though it may not be a good thing to do, some parents buy essay like the custom essays for students to give to the lecturers at school. Custom essays change in format and the way in which they are supposed to be written and it is not a crime for a lecturer to buy essay, like the Custom essays for example, to keep checking on the amendments that have been made from the previous or original formats that existed.

It is as well not wrong, depending on the level of study that a student is, to buy essay for revision or for assignments given at school. Buy essay is there fore a good norm that should be adopted by the various institutions because it saves time and so many other resources. Experienced and practicing writers should encourage young talented ones to do more writing and become self employed in the future instead of competing for the rare white collar jobs. There are many advantages attributed to self employment.

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