Fong Ian Tong

And my nickname is Mary Fong , currently a college student.

Job Objective:Report

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I am a casual girl, but when I do something, I will implemented and planning, and I am a person who with learns half a bucket of water, but when I encounter work, I will try to reach my goal, so I want to improve yourself and strengthen your study, you may rate me as a lazy or casual girl, but I rate myself as a responsible person, thank you.



My assessment of my skills :
1.Focus ability 

2.Effective communication

3. Empathy 

4. Mood adjustment

5.Pressure resistance

6. Creativity 

7.Video production 


9.Sales leadership   

 Excel, word ,PowerP


1.professional Certificate in Manage Projects Issued 2015.

2.Cen Verde international performing arts group. CERTIFICATION OF PARTICIPATION This certificate is presented From February 2016.

3.Science  2017 Macao Science Museum Multimedia Creation Competition won the High School Group Merit Award.

4.2017 "Overseas Chinese Youth 'Chinese Roots Journey' Summer Camp".

5.que frequentou o 3° ano do ensino secundário complementar no(a) Colégio Mateus Ricci ectivo de 2017/2018 é atribuído o Prémio Fundação Macau, por ter ogresso no aproveitamento escolar . (葡萄牙語)

(曾於2017/2018年就讀於ColégioMateus Ricci ectivo高中三年級獲得澳門基金會獎)


Education one,September 2018-present

1.second-year psychology major at Chung yuan Christian university.

2.participate in school club - Astronomy club.

3. I participated in the psychology event.

4. I participated in the Cycling club event.

Education two,September 2011-July 2018

1.I graduated from Macao Colégio Mateus Ricci  school.

2.Visit the University of Xiamen, Fujian.

3.was second in this in flag - selling activities.

4.participate in school clubs - chorus.  

5.High school chose science.

6. grades failing with reread.

Education three,September 2004-July 2011

1.participate in school clubs-Choir and Scout.

2.Won the design competition.

3.grades failing with reread.


Experience one,December 2017

1.Volunteer - I work at  Macau Government Tourism  as a volunteer.

Experience two,August 2017

1.Part time job -Hotel Banquet Hall - Waiter.

Experience three,December 2016-February 2017

1.Part time job - Colombia Sales.

Due to academic reason , so resign one's job.

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