Matt Sprague

Web Developer  •  Berkeley, US  •  [email protected]

Front End Web Application Engineer with a background in the film and television industry.


General Assembly, Instructional Assistant, Aug 2017 - Nov 2017

Supported student learning and tracked student progress during a 12-week immersive web development program by helping to provide feedback/debug student's homework and projects. Work alongside the lead instructors to best meet the needs and learning styles of the students, help prepare teaching materials, and lead workshops and labs. 

General Assembly, Student, May 2017 - Aug 2017

Completed twelve-week web development immersive program creating several web applications using both Express and Rails in one week sprints. Course taught Object oriented programming, JavaScript and Ruby, version control systems, code review, test-driven development, and troubleshooting bugs and errors. 

Projects include:

  • Final Project - Full-stack (MEN) website with a mobile responsive design for a therapist. Website includes authentication and authorization middleware so clients can create accounts to interact with the therapist. Admin side features ability for therapist to leave reading material for her clients on their personal page, and update appointments.
  • Reliable Supply - Developed full-stack Ruby on Rails web application for people who want to sell or buy waste goods. Collaborated with three other students. Site is a full CRUD web application that includes geospatial searching, a review feature to comment on other users, and authentication and authorization.
  • Vagabond - Worked with a client to develop a travel website per their wireframes and user stories. Group team project collaborating with two other students using version control and pair programming. Personally responsible for the frontend design of the site. Full stack using Ruby on Rails and deployed on Heroku.      

Film Production Manager / Producer, Jul 2006 - May 2017

Developed film projects in three main stages, taking them from ideation in the form of a screenplay to delivering a finished product to theaters and online platforms.  While in pre-production collaborated with talent, other producers, and the director to bridge the gap between creative ideas and technical implementation. During production and post-production managed ten to twenty different departments to effectively deliver a product on time and on budget. 

Film and TV Transportation Department, Jan 2007 - May 2017

Handled logistics for major motion picture movies and tv shows.  Worked in a fast-paced environment that required the ability to multi-task and troubleshoot problems quickly. Used creative solutions and flexibility to ensure timely delivery of equipment and crew to keep movie on budget and on schedule. Relied heavily on teamwork skills to organize across many different departments and used strong communication skills to deliver and return equipment to vendors in several states and sometimes across the country.


May 2017 - Aug 2017 

General Assembly San Francisco 

Web Development Immersive

Sept 1996 - May 2000 

University of Colorado at Boulder 

BFA in Film Studies


Proficient in JavaScript, Ruby, Node.js, Express, JQuery, React, Rails, MongoDB, Postgres, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Angular

MVC, Frameworks, APIs, MVC Frameworks, CSS, HTML, SQL, API, Architecture, NoSql, MySql, Rest API, Rails, Rails, Collaborate, reliable, performant, scalable, Checkr, Checkr

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