Matt Elliott | Data Analyst    

 Stockbridge, GA  |     [email protected]  |   404-428-3129

Dear Hiring Manager,

From the perspective of a data analyst, I believe that my workflow best translates to communication. Beyond the relentless storm of activity involved with my organization's operations on a regular basis, there must always be internal means of communicating very specific, actionable information and metrics to the necessary spheres of leadership— in a style that's accurate, concrete, and intuitively understood. 

By that philosophy, I'd promote data analytics as my primary style of communication in any corporate environment— but before I can ethically convey intelligence to members of my organization, my responsibilities always start with maximizing the accessibility, quality, and utility of datasets to ensure that they are factual, complete, and provide real answers to real business inquiries. 

For me, this often involves a great deal of data exploration, remodeling, cleansing, transformation, and even automation using platforms like SMSS, Excel, Power Query, and Power Automate before I can proceed to the segment of work I enjoy the most data visualization using Microsoft's very own Power BI Desktop.

At this stage, my creativity peaks, and I finally get the opportunity to bring life to the data that I've worked so hard to develop by designing compelling, dynamic, and interactive dashboards. Once I'm satisfied with the overall design and user-friendliness of my creations, I publish them to the Power BI Service across the necessary apps and workspaces where they can be explored or utilized by specified user groups by the principle of least privileged access.

I find this process of graphically translating complex data pipelines into practical business analyses to be extremely rewarding. Therefore, a new role within the Syneos Health Team as a Data Analyst would be an exciting opportunity for me to advance my career in data analytics. 

As there is considerably more to relate, I would like the opportunity to expand upon my qualifications outlined herein, with an interview to discuss your team's specific data needs and my ability to exceed them. Please contact me to begin the conversation!

Thank you,

Matt Elliott