Max Malm

[email protected]  •  0708 366 112  •  Växjö, Sweden

About me

I'm a 29 year old computer person from Växjö, Sweden. For the moment I'm very sold on developing rich application since the challenge it brings is greater then a simple website for Generic Company. A strong believer of open source and I try to contribute whenever I feel I know enough about the subject. Needs to be challenged to be productive.



Javascript is my primary language, almost everything I do for myself is done in JS but I occasionally try out interesting languages. Very proficient in React, React Native, NodeJS and some older frameworks (Meteor, Angular).


Coming from a sysadmin background I have great skills in everything doing with hardware and running stuff. Recently mostly focused at Docker. Very proficient in Linux administration.


Having taught students, keeping in contact with customers and consultants have made me really good with people and I have no problems taking customer responsibility.


Developer at Kodbruket AB, July 2017 - Present

Responsible for the frontend setup for our own product (React, Mobx, React-Native) while also consulting for Ericsson building frontend libraries in Angular 2+. 

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Developer at Trifork AB, November 2015 - April 2017

Took my step into being a professional developer with this job. Before this job I'd always have a passion for development but I was not sure if I wanted to leave the comfort of being a sysadmin behind. Notable skills used during this employment is Javascript (NodeJS, React, React Native), Go, Elixir and Docker. Spent most my time developing React Native for Danske Bank and React for a Cisco r&d project.

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IT Coordinator at Abstracta/Lammhult, August 2010 - October 2015

This employment was very diverse, and it's hard to pin-point exactly what I did. Here's a selection of my daily/weekly tasks:

  • Regular support, ensure users can work with their computer satisfied; print, file sharing, Dynamics NAV, remote connections, etc
  • Web development, maintaining our current website and developing according to needs and standards
  • Developing/supporting internal applications; control panel for digital signage, application system, RMA management, product designer, etc (PHP, Meteor)
  • Windows domain; running a complete windows domain with everything from AD to Direct Access
  • Cisco, (somewhat) manages full cisco network stack, firewall and switches
  • Coordinating with suppliers and consultants
  • Application development, developing internal applications to aid the business


Lab Assistant at John Bauergymnasiet, September 2009 - June 2010

Assisting IT teacher in the Windows Server course. Led my own classes in Linux and web development. Graded three classes of students on my own. Wrote several tasks to do in class which where used long after I quit.

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