Max Yi-Hsun Chou


[email protected]
+886-931-900-120 / +1-415-562-4988

Good at communication. Outstanding leadership. Self-motivated fast learner.

Software Architect with 5 years experience in software development. Team leading experience, and multiple startup experiences.

TEDx Speaker.

Fast-MVP solution engineer with reliable code quality and structure design.

Employment History

Academia Sinica (中央研究院) —  Software Engineering Consultant — May. 2021 ~ Aug. 2021 — Taipei, Taiwan

  • Proposed IoT-based infrastructure for the project that regarding COVID-19-related virus concentration detection of the rapid test.

ActuaViz —  Chief Technology Officer — Oct. 2020 ~ Aug. 2021 — Taipei, Taiwan

  • Joined as Software Architect, promoted to CTO on December 2020.
  • Development
    • Deployed actuarial computing modules on Serverless infrastructure based on Docker.
    • Handled asynchronous progress by using queue-based task management flow.
    • Designed and implemented new collaboration flow to ensure code reliability and maintainability, including technical documentation, product feature specification document.
  • Team Management
    • Managed 5 Software Engineers.
    • Built software engineering culture such as code review rule, coworker communication flow.
    • Announced new project management flows to reduce communication cost.

Miso Technologies —  Software Engineer — Feb. 2020 ~ Sep. 2020 — San Francisco, CA

  • Implemented chunking file based on its binary size on Front-end.
  • Front-end development on Nuxt.js.
    • Used Vuex to handling across-component actions.
    • Encapsulated Axios for better maintaining and accessing.
    • Implemented reusable components by using Tachyons and Bulma.
    • Discussed with product manager and designer regarding building MVP which includes Customer Dashboard, Product Onboarding pages, and its flow.

Airloft — Software Engineering Consultant — Dec. 2019 ~ Apr. 2021 — Taipei, Taiwan

  • Code Optimization and Refactoring
    • Designed and Implemented features/code architecture on Koa.js.
    • Refactored most of the slow SQL queries, multi-dimensional loops to avoid unnecessary process usage that effect application loading.
    • Dockerized application and deployed on AWS ECS with ELB for better scalability.
    • Migrated static storage to AWS S3 and enabled CloudFront for fast access globally.
    • Reduced loading time by 17x through code refactoring.
  • Team Management
    • Implemented Agile development flow, used Redmine to track project schedules.

MyProGuide — Lead Software Engineer — Feb. 2019 ~ Oct. 2019 — Taipei, Taiwan

  • Development
    • Built RESTful APIs on Koa.js with MySQL and existing Elastic Search.
    • Implemented Micro-service-Mapping-Module to manage Micro-service endpoints. 
    • Implemented CD pipeline to deploy projects to Amazon S3 by using Gitlab CD. 
  • Code Optimization and Refactoring
    • Optimized SQL Queries, saving $300 USD per month.
    • Refactored legacy RESTful API, making the loading time 25x faster.  
    • Redesigned software architecture to saving maintenance cost.
  • Team Management
    • Lead a Front-end Engineer Intern to built a new e-commerce product by using Nuxt.js. 
    • Integrated code review flow to make sure code quality and scalability.

WeMo Scooter — Senior Software Engineer — Jan. 2018 ~ Nov. 2018 — Taipei, Taiwan

  • Development
    • Responded for backend development, mainly focused on Scooter maintenance platform APIs. Handled 3000+ IoT-enabled scooters, and 10000+ daily active users.
    • Used TypeORM and Sequelize to implement SQL querying, schema management, and migration. (MSSQL and PostgreSQL) 
    • Implemented a Token-based application using Redis. (Middleware and Permission control) 
    • Reformatted data for data analysis purposes by Big Query API.
    • Query parking lots in a certain area by using the PostgreSQL PostGIS statements. 
    • Designed and Implemented internal scooter maintenance systems. (Development and cross-team feature confirmation)
    • Implemented periodical application by using Crontab.
  • Project Optimization
    • Migrated applications from AWS to GCP to reduce latency.
    • Dockerized certain projects and deployed them on Google Compute Engine (Self-hosted Docker Container).
  • Self-motivation / Side project
    • Built a PWA version WeMo App in 2 days, which covered 70% of functionalities.

Mochai, Inc. — CTO, Startup Project — Aug. 2017 ~ Jan. 2018 — San Francisco, Taipei

  • Data integration with Machine Learning API. 
  • Implemented account role-based middleware for each API endpoint. 
  • Implemented data charts using Chart.js. 
  • Implemented MVP stage Single-Page-Application using Vue.js. 
  • Implemented user and data analysis by collecting user events. 
  • Stored data in MongoDB and used Mongoose to make queries and manage schema using Node.js. 
  • Conducted Local Market Research in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Bonio Inc. — Software Engineering Intern — Jul. 2015 ~ Sep. 2015 — Taipei, Taiwan

  • Implemented back-end with Ruby on rails. 
  • Implemented front-end with Angular.js.


National Taiwan University, Computer Science, 2021 ~ 2022

  • Activities and Societies: MineNTU, NTU GSA.


National Taiwan University, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program, 2021 ~ 2022

  • Admitted to 2 Accelerators and an Incubator hosted by NTU TEC. 
  • Became mentor to New Taipei City Government Startup Organization. (InnoSquare)
  • Received Top Tier ranked in 1st semester.
  • GPA: 4.12


University of London, Computer Science, 2020



Y Combinator Startup School 2016 — Cupertino, CA.


Side Projects

Minecraft NTU

  • We invited the president of National Taiwan University (國立臺灣大學) to the join first online graduation ceremony.
  • Software Engineering
    • Deployed Minecraft Server that handles 50 players in one day.
    • Designed an identity-check system based on Google OAuth to approve incoming users automatically. 
    • Implemented a client management system to accept 2000 more users within 3 days. In comparison, there is 2x growth with the original flow.
    • Designed and Deployed Minecraft Server and the infrastructure which handles 200 more players without latency issue on Microsoft Azure with Global Load Balancer.
    • Implemented data collection/analysis flow for marketing analytics purposes.
  • Team Leadership
    • Deployed tracking flow to track customer support ticket and business-related stuffs.
  • Achievement
    • We gave away the MineNTU map to NTU museum. As the youngest asset donor in NTU history.



Good working knowledge.

*Lived in California for almost half a year.


Native Speaker.




Nuxt.js (SPA/SSR)






Self-hosted Docker

Amazon ECS/GKE

Caddy/Nginx/Azure Front Door/Amazon ELB

Programming Language

Javascript (4.5 Years)

PHP (Laravel)

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