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Johnny Hsieh

I am a experienced engineer with iOS (Swift), Deep learning (Python3) and Blockchain developing more focus on Ethereum base (Solidity & web3.py ). iOS: PXTag : image recognition App. PXBot : image recognition with NLP Chatbot App. Wanchain Wallet : A crypto wallet combine with WNS on Wanchain (Also the first wanchain moblie wallet in the world ). Ethereum Classic wallet : A crypto wallet combine with ECNS on Wanchain (Also the first Ethereum classic moblie wallet in the world ). Deep learning: Image recognition model Image style transfer Chat bot Credit score predict model (For Bank) Estimate domain value model on Blockchain. Blockchain: Gambling game on Blockchain ERC20 ERC721 Developing on: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Wanchain, Qtum, NEO, NEM, TomoChain, ICON, IPFS.
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