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ALPHA Camp 是亞洲最具影響力的新創學校。以新加坡與台灣為教學據點,從 2014 年以來,我們培訓超過五千名學員。我們首創的「實戰營」更有三百多位同學畢業,產開全新的職涯。我們的校友遍及台灣、新加坡、中國、以及全球的科技新創,例如:17直播、旋轉拍賣、誠實蜜蜂、iChef、iCook愛料理、Grab、Gogovan、Skyscanner、UberEATS、Ofo等,以及大型科技企業:騰訊、LINE、雪豹科技等。許多校友更應用學到的技能與人脈開始了自己的新創事業:鮮乳坊, Yourator, Meet.jobs, Amazing Talker 等。他們的故事都是從 ALPHA Camp 開始。 「幫助人們發展有意義與有價值的職涯」是我們的使命。傳統教育模式與思維已經不適合現在的科技時代,但我們相信每個人都能發展他熱愛的事業。如果你對教育有一種不能忽略的使命感,我們非常歡迎的加入! - ALPHA Camp is Asia's most influential technology and startup school. With offices in Taipei and Singapore, we have trained over 5,000 individuals from 8 countries in Asia. Our "Bootcamp" has helped over 300 alumni launch careers in technology; they are now Tencent, LINE, Grab, Skyscanner, Carousell, UberEATS, and alike. Our mission is to help people develop meaningful and rewarding careers. That is how we make the world a better place.
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