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How do I get my first job in Full Stack development?

The simplest path to employment is to build a portfolio. You know how to program? Prove it. Use your skills to build a few applications top to bottom. Full stack includes nowadays mobile development. Can you build a functioning website that provides utility and a mobile app that consumes the API from the website? Can you deploy it to a host? Can you promote it and get users and feedback?

As you go through this process start a blog talking about what you've learned.

Now go ahead and build another application. Do the same thing, continue blogging. Focus on lessons you learned...what's common between the two apps, what's different? Look at opportunities to leverage the code that is common across your projects.

Once you've completed your second project go ahead and do five more. It's up to you if you make these projects around a common theme. First app can be time keeping, second could be invoicing, third accounting, fourth payroll management, the fifth could be project management, the sixth customer management, and the seventh could be for employee management. They can be stand alone or make a cohesive suite to sell as one package.

Congratulations, if you've successfully marketed your projects, you've secured your first job in Full Stack Development, with yourself as your employer.


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