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How do I find developers for startup?

If you’re looking to augment your existing team of developers with hired help the other responses are appropriate.

I am going to assume you’re at the very beginning of your journey, you’ve got a great idea and want to get cranking on it. I applaud you as would Eric Ries.


If my assumption is correct, my experience tells me that finding a VP of Engineering or a CTO co-founder who can code is a good step in the right direction. There are lots of reasons to avoid just having the product built not the least of which is funding. An investor is going to want to see your leadership skills and ability to be resourceful and YOUR vision blended with their execution.


Get your MVP out the door quickly and get product market feedback. Work with your co-founder to iterate and repeat the process. Once you have a decent sample size and you need to scale then you need to hire developers.


Organic or outsourced talent? There’s a time and a place for both. If your CTO is good with interviewing, hiring, firing and leading overseas talent in agile or lean then by all means use inexpensive talent overseas to build out the vision.

Make sure you take steps so that your code is not held hostage.

Cash flow is king and if developers are not chosen carefully they will milk the time it takes to accomplish a milestone. DO NOT PAY THEM IN ADVANCE!

STEP 3.1 : Recruit local talent and start building a company culture. You can't outsource passion. You can't hire someone to love your vision, or product, or see the future like you do. If you can’t recruit talent willing to work for equity while they keep their day job potential investors and your CTO should be concerned. The primary job of the CEO is to recruit a world class organization.


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