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Json Liang
Senior Backend Engineer
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Json Liang

Senior Backend Engineer
My name is Json, used to be a Senior Back-end Engineer in RedPill. Struggling to become an Engineer who has many experiences for handling high concurrency system
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New Taipei City, Taiwan

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    Ready to interview
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    Back-end Engineer
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    2-4 years
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    AWS Lambda
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    Interested in working remotely
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    Taipei, Taiwan
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Work Experience

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Backend Engineer

Nov 2022 - Present
Taipei City, Taiwan
Develop backend api for term structure project

Senior Backend Developer

Nov 2019 - Sep 2021
1 yr 11 mos
Build a authentication/authorization server with AWS Cognito service. This make service could be use cloud service to calculate usage rate for RedPill products, for example: RedPill Studio, AiCast Build a real time calculate usage function with AWS lambda. This make service could charge by the calculated time. Develop a Promo code service with AWS Elasticache. The service is for RedPill Studio/AiCast user Promo code to use coupon. Lead front-end engineer to build RedPill admin website, RedPill cast website by AWS Fargate. This site is the portal for RedPill product user to manage their profile and AR/VR assets. Build a signal server by WebSocket by AWS Fargate service. This server is for exchange information between 2 WebRTC client. Help front-end engineer to build AiCast video website with AWS S3 and AWS Cloudfront as a static website. This site is the portal for AiCast user to use WebRTC interact with AiCast software by AiCast signal server. Use AWS cdk as the deploy tool to make the deployment for architecture could be easy to control and maintain, reduce the deploy time for original hand-by-hand deployment. Setup deployment part on the Github Action to make deploy process easily to control and share with team member. Tech Stack: AWS Fargate Service, AWS Cloudfront, AWS S3, node.js, nuxt.js, WebRTC, AWS cdk, AWS elasticache, Github Action.

Full Stack developer

Oct 2017 - Oct 2019
2 yrs 1 mo
Develop Coolbitx Wallet RESTful api server on AWS EC2 with Docker implement by koa2. This server provides RESTful api for Coolbitx Wallet to interact,which is a proxy server between wallet and Crypto Currency nodes. Develop HSM(Hardware Security Management) verify node on AWS EC2 with Docker, use AWS HSM to preserve wallet secret key. This node provide RESTful api to access by key which is deploy on AWS EC2 and wrap in a Docker container. Develop wallet connect api for Coolbitx Wallet to support interact with Binance Dapp. Wallet connect api is a protocol for mobile app to interact with Dapp, I wrote the event in Coolbtix Wallet app to enable this function work . Develop Changelly api for Coolbitx Wallet to by ReactNative event. Changelly is a token exchange for swapping Token, I wrote the ReactNative event to enable Coolbitx Wallet to use Changelly api to swap token in wallet. Develop account management service in Sygna project by koa2 on AWS EC2 wrap in Docker container. This account management service use Redis as the verify account activate cache by cache the not activated account information in Redis. Help coworker to deploy Sygna Bridge with AWS lambda, and DynamoDB as storage, Synga Bridge provides a whitelist check middleware between two exchanges when users in two exchanges try to transfer transaction between two exchanges. Help coworker to deploy Sygna Bridge webhook callback mechanism by AWS SQS consumer to make the webhook work more efficient and reliable by queue the request on AWS SQS then consumer by AWS SQS consumer. Setup the deployment on gitlab-ci pipeline for easy to deploy Sygna-related service on AWS cloud for easily to maintain and control the deployment, make team member could easily deploy and reuse the deployment for same architecture use previous. Tech Stack: AWS lambda, Docker, AWS EC2, node.js, koa2, gitlab-ci, ReactNative, AWS HSM, AWS SQS

Web developer

Apr 2016 - Oct 2017
1 yr 7 mos
Develop facebook account generator by Java Swing to implement a tool for generate facebook user password set. This tool is for generate the facebook account to do the social engineering to close to the suspect. Maintain WIFI-Tactical project which is wrote by nodejs use WebSocket to streaming the result , help upgrading nodejs version. This web project is portal for search the sniffing message from antenna which receive the message send from our hacked app on suspect's phone. Implementing crime investigation search ui, use reactjs to implement interface. This website is the portal for crime investigation engine to search suspect's monitoring data sorted by timeline, which could make the analysis the geographic location of the suspect. Tech Stack: Java, Swing, nodejs, Reactjs, Websocket

Software developer

Apr 2015 - Apr 2016
1 yr 1 mo
Develop Broker order system for emerging stock by Java Web and SQLServer and use javascript for ui control. The system interactive with emerging stock operation system which will report and show the stock information daily. Maintain broker order system for emerging stock: e.g. Backup DB regularly, Disaster Drill for system crash Tech Stack: Java Web, SQLServer, javascript, Bootstrap

Firmware developer

Apr 2014 - Apr 2015
1 yr 1 mo
Porting device function to motherboard: implementation hardware driver to make hardware could work normally. Board Supported Platform Research and help developing mobile device driver. Tech Stack: C, UEFI, git, gerrit


Master’s Degree
Institute of Computer Science and Engineering
2010 - 2012
My main research field is image pre-processing My graduated thesis is Detection of Imagery Symmetry due to Optical Reflection https://ndltd.ncl.edu.tw/cgi-bin/gs32/gsweb.cgi/login?o=dnclcdr&s=id=%22101NCTU5394033%22.&searchmode=basic
Bachelor’s Degree
Applied Mathematics
2006 - 2010
Activities and societies
Karate Club
Json Liang graduated from NCTU with master degree in Computer Science, study for Image pre-processing with OpenCV library. First year after graduation, worked as firmware engineer at ASUS. However, with great interest with Web development, I applied another job on web development at SYSCOM. With many web develop technique improve, the web develop need to integrate with both front-end and back-end. Use nodejs , I could maintain both end with only one language ,namely javascript. I would like create some fantastic app with a team to make the world more colorful and help people work efficiently. Thus, I am struggle to cultivating my ability to become a back-end worker.

Licenses & Certifications

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