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Adi Saputro
Co - Founder & CFO
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Adi Saputro

Co - Founder & CFO
Senior Manager with more than 15 years of experience in the Banking industry and Corporate Finance in State-Owned Enterprises, including Cost Evaluation and Control, Restructuring, and Risk Management as well as Strategic Planning and Business Development
Bumble Tree Group
Gunadarma University
South Tangerang City, Banten, Indonesia



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    15 年以上 (15 年以上相關工作經驗)
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    我有管理 15 人以上的經驗
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    Business Development
    Process Improvement
    Debt Restructuring
    Corporate Finance
    Budget Management
    Due Diligence
    Risk Management
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    CFO, SVP Finance, SVP Business Development, SVP Risk Management
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Co - Founder & CFO

2021年9月 - 現在
Managing Finance Department, Business Development Department and Risk Management Unit for a Group of Companies which covers FMCG, Printing & Advertising, and Clothing business company. Achievements : - Got Investors with a total funding of IDR 55 bilion - Set up a group consisting of 3 companies that have existed before - Developed new business lines and opened 2 new branches - Set up Policy and Procedures of Risk Management Implementation Responsibilities : Fundrasing, Group Policy, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Business Development, Funding, Planning Budgeting & Forecasting, Merger & Acquisition, Valuation

SVP Finance Manager

2019年9月 - 2021年9月
2 年 1 個月
Managed Finance & Risk Management Division for one of Strategic Projects of Indonesian Government (Sea Highway Project) Covering: - Finance Department - Procurement - Risk Management Unit Achievements : - Managed Corporate Finance - Set up Policy & Procedures - Implementation of ISAK 16 & PSAK 71, 72, 73 - Tax Allowance - VAT Restitution for total +/- IDR 600 billion (2019 - 2020) - Developed & Implemented the Finance System 2.0 - Debt Restructuring for +/- IDR 3 trillion Responsibilites : Corporate Finance, Business Development, Risk Management, Fundraising, Debt Restructuring, Funding, Group Policy, Valuation, Investment Strategies. Merger & Acquisition, Planning Budgeting & Forecasting

SVP, Finance Manager

2018年8月 - 2019年8月
1 年 1 個月
Managed Finance & Risk Management Group of Departments for the Largest International Port Terminal in PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Persero) which generated 40% of the total Revenue at PT Pelabuhan Indonesia 1 (Persero) Responsibilites : Corporate Finance, Business Development, Risk Management, Planning Budgeting & Forecasting, Strategic Policy Development, Business Strategy
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SVP, Budget Management

2016年3月 - 2018年8月
2 年 6 個月
- Managed Cost, Budget, and Revenue Target for all Pelindo 1's Branch, Subsidiary Companies, and HQ. - Looking for funding sources to the needs of entire budget (Opex & Capex) Responsibilities : Corporate Finance, Planning Budgeting & Forecasting, Fundraising, OPEX & CAPEX, Cost Control, Cost & Benefit Analysis, Key Performance Indicators, Investement Strategies, Merger & Acquisition
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Deputy, Finance Director

2015年3月 - 2016年2月
1 年 0 個月
- Responsible to find the alternative source of funds for Capex and Opex PT Pelindo 1 (Persero) - As Project Manager for the issuance of the First Bond of PT Pelindo 1 (Persero) Skills: Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis, Fundraising, Planning Budgeting & Forecasting, Corporate Finance, Process Improvement, Merger & Acquisition
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Head, Business Support, Project, Initiatives, and Process Management

2008年1月 - 2015年2月
7 年 2 個月
Covering Global Market Operations & Wholesale Banking Loan Operations Division. Responsibilities : - Settlement FX / MM Interbank Transactions - Reconciliation - Set up Policy & Procedure - Risk Management Implementation - Project & Process Improvement Achievements - As a Project Manager for Wholesale Banking Loan Operations Physical Relocation (system & non-system) from WTC II to Bintaro. - Top 10 Nominees of Process Improvement Award - As a Responsible Person for Risk Management Implementation for GMO & WB Loan Operations Skills: Strategic Initiatives, Business Initiatives, Foreign Exchange Management, Foreign Exchange Risk Management, Data Reconciliation, Continuous Process Improvement, Lean Process Improvement, Business Process Improvement, Group Policy, Project Management · Risk Management


Bachelor’s Degree
Bachelor Degree Accounting
2002 - 2007


Risk Management - Executive Program

Kiran Executive Development Program
證照編號: 0912120080041545
發照日期 2010年8月

Risk Management - Level 2

Badan Sertifikasi Manajemen Risiko (BSMR)
證照編號: 0912120080041545
發照日期 2010年7月

Risk Management - Level 1

Badan Sertifikasi Manajemen Risiko (BSMR)
證照編號: 0912120080041545
發照日期 2009年12月