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Akash Kesari Savannah
Market Manager
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Akash Kesari Savannah

Market Manager
Born in New Delhi, the capital of India, Akash Kesari Savannah grew up there. While still a young child, Akash Kesari and his family left their native Savannah and immigrated to the United States. After two years at the University of North Florida, Akash Kesari Savannah decided to pursue a medical degree at Mahatma Gandhi Missions Medical College (MGMUHS). Akash Kesari Savannah now owns DNA Marketing Solutions Inc., a Georgia-based company. By running a successful business, Akash Kesari Savannah is able to give back to society. Donation drives for local shelters have been arranged by him on a regular basis. Pitbull enthusiast Akash Kesari Savannah spends a lot of time with his rescue pitbull on the internet.

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