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Amritansh Raghav
Executive Vice President
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Amritansh Raghav

Executive Vice President
Amritansh boasts a wealth of experience spanning more than twenty years across esteemed technology enterprises like Microsoft, Google, and Skype. Commencing his career at Microsoft, he played a pivotal role in the development of core platforms and systems, subsequently advancing to senior positions within the industry. Presently, his primary focus revolves around harnessing software innovation to unlock human potential. He advocates for the seamless integration of software capabilities with innate human attributes such as creativity, empathy, and adaptability, with the aim of fostering solutions that responsibly enhance individuals' lives. Throughout his professional journey, Amritansh has consistently delivered technologies that have made significant impacts globally, particularly in the realms of communication, productivity, and convenience. His enduring commitment to ongoing learning and human-centric innovation underscores his efforts to bridge emerging technologies with tangible real-world applications. As an experienced leader, Amritansh provides invaluable insights into the intersection of technology and society, offering a balanced perspective on how innovations can be leveraged for the collective benefit of humanity. His insatiable curiosity is reflected in their status as an avid reader with an unwavering appetite for knowledge spanning various genres. Their love for learning extends well beyond the professional realm as they continuously seek opportunities to broaden their horizons. A commitment to an active lifestyle is at the core of Amritansh's well-being. Biking is a medium for staying physically fit and immersing themselves in California's natural beauty. The act of biking not only rejuvenates them physically but also provides a wellspring of mental refreshment. In summation, he is not merely an accomplished technology executive; they are a well-rounded individual with diverse interests and an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the world. Their career accomplishments, commitment to innovation, and philanthropic endeavors, coupled with their interests, collectively paint a rich and inspiring portrait of a visionary leader in the tech industry. Whether steering pioneering tech projects or pursuing their passions, Amritansh's dedication and excellence shine through in every facet of their life.
Portola Valley, California, USA

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