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Androsky Lugo
CEO and Founder
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Androsky Lugo

CEO and Founder
Androsky Lugo is the current CEO and founder of Framing Futures Architectural Firm (FFAF) in Southern California. Established in 2019, Lugo functions as the founding partner and manages the daily operations and design aspects of numerous projects at the firm. He works closely with the executive board and provides expertise in organizing, planning, and creating modern architectural designs for commercial and public structures, showcasing his skills and strong foundational knowledge in modern architectural engineering. Before becoming a founding partner of FFAF, Lugo spent 10 years working as a Senior Architect at top firms, such as Parkins and Rhodon in New York and Fentrell Architects in San Francisco. He served as a Senior Architectural Design Strategist at Macaby and Roy for 5 years before becoming their Senior Architect in 2008. Notably, he also served in the esteemed role of Project Architect in Albany, NY, at a company founded by his father in 1990. Before joining his father's firm in 2002, Lugo gained multiple positions, including business consulting at a small development firm in NYC. Lugo obtained his Bachelor of Business from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000 before transitioning to Cornell University to pursue his Master of Architecture. He graduated from the program in 2002 and further expanded his education with a focus on Building Science and Technology and Environmental Systems. In 2003, he embarked on additional education in environmentally-conscious building and design. Androsky has been involved in many high-profile architectural projects throughout his two-decade career. One of his significant achievements is working alongside the San Francisco Historic Buildings Committee in 2012, where he planned and designed renovations for several public service spaces.
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University of Pennsylvania
Greenwich, CT, USA

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Founder, And CEO

Jan 2019 - Present
Founder, And CEO Of The Framing Futures Architectural Firm (FFAF) MARCH 30, 2022 Androsky Lugo, Founder, and CEO of the Framing Futures Architectural Firm (FFAF) in Southern California, since 2019. Lugo works as part of the team that oversees the workflow and processes that relate to the ongoing projects at the firm.


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Bachelor’s Degree
2000 - 2004

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Building Science, Technology and Environmental

Cornell University
Issued Jan 2003
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