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Business Consultant, Regional Governments
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Bill Postmus

Business Consultant, Regional Governments
Bill Postmus, a well-established business consultant, has spent his career committed to public service and catalyzing beneficial change in regional government systems. His relentless pursuit of fiscal accountability and a commendable track record in numerous leadership roles have won him widespread acclaim. Outside his professional sphere, Bill immerses himself in a diverse array of hobbies, including a deep love for baseball and an unquenchable thirst for world travel, enriching his life beyond measure. Postmus' foray into public service began in 2000 when he demonstrated his exceptional talent by capturing the First Supervisorial District seat on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. At the tender age of 29, he clinched a decisive victory over an incumbent, signifying the start of a consequential journey. As the elected supervisor for the First Supervisorial District of San Bernardino County, Bill championed the interests of over 450,000 constituents. A staunch fiscal conservative, he campaigned tirelessly for tax reductions and balanced budgets, striving to secure the region's financial prosperity. His tenure was marked by unwavering support for law enforcement battling gang violence and dedication to amplifying cities' voices in county governance. Additionally, he prioritized infrastructure revitalization and roadway enhancements in his district. Postmus' exemplary service garnered the overwhelming trust of the electorate, resulting in a resounding reelection victory with 82% of the votes in 2004. With renewed zeal, he embarked on his second term as supervisor. Recognizing his leadership acumen, his peers unanimously selected him as board chair, a role he fulfilled for two years. Under his stewardship, San Bernardino County introduced vital ethical reforms and maintained budget equilibrium while attracting fresh jobs and investments.
Apple Valley, CA, USA


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