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Technical Lead
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Technical Lead
I have many years experience specializing in the fullstack development, infrastructure. Enjoys to customize all of the development environment. Interested in desinging a better problem-solving method for challenging tasks, and learning new technologies and tools if the need arises.
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Hashgreen 美商哈綠科技股份有限公司台灣分公司
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    4 到 6 年 (4 到 6 年相关工作经验)
  • 管理经历
    我有管理 5~10 人的经验
  • 技能
    Golang Backend
    Site Reliability Engineer
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    Software engineer
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Technical Lead

2021年9月 - 现在
- As a leader, lead and manage an engineering team of 5 people above and focus on software engineering formed workflow, and promote Agile mindset, DevOps culture. leading tech sharing, writing blog posts, etc. - Design micro-service using gRPC as communication and Consul as Service discovery to implement Decentralized exchanges(DEX) based on Chia blockchain and deployment on EKS to achieve high reliability. And collect whole business metrics for marketing analytics to continuous improvement products through Influxdb, Prometheus, and Grafana. - Designed and implemented Node as a Service to provide information on blocks and transactions based on Chia blockchain like Infura or QuickNode. In which, system architecture to divided micro-service using Domain-Driven Design and achieve high code quality above 80% code coverage through Test-Driven Development. - Design CI/CD pipeline based on Trunk-based development and formulate standard commit messages for our team members following and implementing the pipeline through GitHub Action to achieve the standard, efficient development, and delivery workflow.
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Site Reliability Engineer

2020年6月 - 2021年2月
9 个月
- Design and implement on-premise Kubernetes. Use Rook-Ceph as storage to deploy devops services such as Prometheus, Grafana, Influxdb and Jenkins to kuberntes through helm. - Use kubernetes, GCP, Spinnaker and Ansible on Jenkins to design and build CI/CD pipelines on containerized applications to achieve the goal of daily deployment. Among them, Trunk-based development is used as a software development strategy. - Design and implement Elastic Stack as a logging system. which collects log data from Docker containers. - Deployed a centralized monitoring environment (Grafana, Prometheus Stack, InfluxDB) which gather system metrics as well as docker run-time metrics and business metrics. - Use golang to design and develop common entry points for all services. Use GCS as configuration storage and obtain configuration and sensitive information through entry points.
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Software Engineer

2019年10月 - 2020年3月
6 个月
- Design a self-service website that provides rights management (RBAC) and user activity history. Developed using React and .Net Core and deployed to AWS EKS via Helm. - Design a service that provides device detection and alerting capabilities to enhance SSO security. Use .net core console to develop services and utilize Kafka's pub/sub function to achieve decoupling between systems. - Design a system to provide records and query user authentication records. Use .net core to develop RESTful API services and deploy and use a combination of graylog, elasticsearch, fluentd to record audit logs. - Use Jenkins Pipeline and Docker to improve the existing ci process to achieve a clearer display and easier debugging of the ci process.


2016年9月 - 2019年4月
2 年 8 个月
- Design and implement a bulletin system. Use .Net Core to develop RESTful API and Angular 2 develop background management website, and send messages to clients through RabbibMQ. - Design and implement a modular futures trading platform based on wpf and prism, providing a trading platform with customized requirements. - After researching and VCS and CI, use Docker to deploy Gitlab. Import and educate the development team to improve development efficiency.


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Master’s Degree
2014 - 2016
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Bachelor’s Degree
2010 - 2014