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Brian Lederer
IT Technician
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Brian Lederer

IT Technician
Brian Lederer is an Information Technology (IT) professional. He currently maintains the role of Network Administrator at CCF Bank in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Outside of his work, Lederer is also passionate about robotics and competes with his builds at an amateur level.
CCF Bank
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Colorado State University
Eau Claire, WI, USA

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  • Management
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    Network Administration
    Cyber Security
    Network Engineering
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Network Administrator

01/2020 - Sekarang
In his role of Network Administrator, Brian Lederer is responsible for managing the security of the Network, which includes vulnerability management, risk assessment, OS patching, updating software, risk detection and response, workstation and server hardening and audits.


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Bachelor of Science (BS)
Information Technology
2013 - 2017