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Carla Geenen
UX researcher/UX writer/coach
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Carla Geenen

UX researcher/UX writer/coach
I'm passionate about delivering insight into the thoughts and feelings of customers in order to create products and services that are simple, straightforward and user-friendly. From my experience in market research and copywriting, I am convinced that understanding your customers is key to success. Next to a diploma in UX design, I bring 15+ years of experience in coaching. As a former soft skills trainer I have excellent communication skills. Thanks to my Master's degree in Cultural Anthropology, I'm familiar with a variety of qualitative and quantative research methods and psychological theories. I'm able to transform large amounts of raw data into clear and actionable insights. I would love to make a career switch from coaching and content marketing to the field of UX. These three are not as unrelated as you might think. Let's meet for coffee and discuss (-;
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UX Design Institute
3941 Doorn, Netherlands

Professional Background

  • Current status
  • Profession
    UX Design
    Content Marketer
    Market Researcher
  • Fields
    Marketing / Communications
    Mental Health Care
  • Work experience
    10-15 years (2-4 years relevant)
  • Management
  • Skills
    User Testing
    Presentation Skills
    Eager to learn
  • Languages
    Native or Bilingual
  • Highest level of education

Job search preferences

  • Desired job type
    Interested in working remotely
  • Desired positions
    UX Researcher/Designer
  • Desired work locations
    Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Freelance
    Part-time freelancer

Work Experience

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UX researcher/UX designer

May 2021 - Present
After graduating as a UX designer, I helped two companies improve their websites and increase conversion: MyTimeCreator and MentaVitalis. In both cases, I was responsible for the whole project. From writing a research proposal to recruiting users, taking tests and analyzing and presenting results. I took the lead in implementing the recommended changes, working with the CEO, other teammembers and a webdevelopment agency. Among the changes I made were page lay-out, rewriting main content, restructuring forms, and adding a booking tool.
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Content creator/marketing and communication professional

Feb 2016 - Present
-Co-developing a marketing and communication strategy. - Responsible for designing and maintaining the company website. - Writing content for the website. - Writing articles for the company blog and social media. - Creating customer profiles to fortefy marketing efforts.
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Life coach/Stresscounselor

Feb 2016 - Present
Offering 24/7 psychological support to clients on a variety of issues, ranging from career development and time management, to stress counselling and parenting advice. The main skills I use as a coach are active listening, showing empathy, asking open questions and helping people articulate their thoughts, feelings and desires.
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Life coach/soft skills trainer

Feb 2006 - Jan 2018
12 yrs 0 mos
- Coaching individuals on life and business related questions. Both in person and remote. - Training groups in communication skills, intercultural diversity, assertiveness, personal branding, etc.


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Professional diplomma in UX design
2020 - 2021
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Non-Degree Program (e.g. Coursera certificate)
2007 - 2009
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Master of Science (MS)
Cultural Antropology with honors
1997 - 2005
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Human Computer Interaction
1995 - 1996

Licenses & Certifications

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Eheath: combining psychology, technology and health

University of Twente
Issued Apr 2018
No Expiration Date
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Certificate in Advanced English (level 3)

University of Cambridge
Issued Jun 2015
No Expiration Date
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NLP practitioner

Academie voor NLP
Issued Jun 2006
No Expiration Date