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Charles Reed Cagle
President and Chief Executive Officer
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Charles Reed Cagle

President and Chief Executive Officer
Charles Reed Cagle was born in 1962 in Clarksville, Texas, and grew up there. Mr. Reed Cagle and his wife, Donna, have been married for almost 30 years. From 1999 to 2017, they lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado with their son before returning to Plano, Texas in 2018. For the past 35 years, Charles Reed Cagle has been involved in numerous facets of the energy industry. Mr. Reed Cagle began his career with Kinlaw Oil Corporation in 1986 as an associate. He departed in 1996 to assist establish a small independent energy firm in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Cagle founded Heartland Energy, Inc. in 1997, which eventually became HEI, and served as President and Chief Executive Officer. Taking direction from joint venture partners, he hired operators, drilling contractors, geophysicists, engineers, support businesses, and a wide range of energy professionals. Charles Reed Cagle entered the drilling service market in 2006, financing and building a 2000 horsepower drilling rig capable of drilling depths of up to 20,000 feet.
Heartland Energy
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

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    Colorado Springs, CO, USA
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Chief Executive Officer

Heartland Energy
12/1997 - Sekarang
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Charles Reed Cagle began working in the mining business in the United States and South America in 2011. He purchased a mining concession in Oregon, which yielded approximately 89,000 ounces of gold. Charles Reed Cagle was involved in the funding and day-to-day running of a copper and gold processing plant in Copiapo, Chile. As a result of his mining experience, he developed a patented procedure for removing and neutralizing hazardous substances from liquids while recovering precious metals. This technology is being employed in Copiapo and has potential uses in the mining sector around the world.


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