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Chen-Chi Wu

累積十一年的 AI/ML/資料科學領域開發和應用經驗,其中包括五年的 AI 團隊領導和 product owner 經驗,擅長運用 AI 解決公司面臨的重大挑戰或具有商業價值的問題。 在專案執行中,我注重跨部門的緊密合作,以釐清並聚焦問題,協調資源並制定明確的目標與時程。我擅長運用數據進行有效的溝通,同時擁有深入了解各種技術面的能力。 在領導團隊方面,我重視成員的成長與團隊合作.透過建立開放而有效的溝通文化,以及定期進行一對一的會議,確保每位成員充分了解自己的角色和責任,共同確立清晰的目標,同時激發個人動力。 With 11 years of experience in the development and application of AI/ML/data science, including 5 years of AI team leadership and product ownership, I excel in leveraging AI to address significant challenges and resolving problems with substantial business value. In project execution, I collaborate with cross-functional teams to clarify problems and establish clear goals and timelines. I am adept at data visualization and statistics for effective communication, and possess a comprehensive understanding of various technical aspects. In terms of team leadership, I prioritize team member growth and foster teamwork. By establishing an open and effective communication culture, along with conducting regular one-on-one meetings, I ensure team members comprehend their roles and responsibilities, while setting clear goals and inspiring individual motivation.
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