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Baseball Coach Age 8-College Level
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Chet Lauer

Baseball Coach Age 8-College Level
Chet Lauer, a dedicated baseball coach, has made a name for himself in the sports industry through his extensive experience and expertise. He currently serves as a baseball coach at IMG Academy, the nation's premier provider of baseball coaching in Bradenton, Florida. The academy's baseball program provides aspiring athletes a platform to excel in baseball under the guidance of highly skilled coaches like Lauer. At IMG Academy, Lauer focuses on complete student-athlete development, which includes athletic development, strength and conditioning, and position-specific training. On-field exercises and challenging academic coursework in IMG Academy's classrooms offer students a comprehensive learning experience. Lauer coaches students from the age of eight to college, preparing them for opportunities at various baseball levels, including national, junior national, varsity, junior varsity, and post-graduate baseball levels. Before his stint at IMG Academy, Lauer was an assistant baseball coach at John Carroll University in Ohio. He graduated from John Carroll University and joined the institution's faculty after a period as an international professional baseball player. As an assistant varsity baseball coach, he led several players through off-season training, managed game day logistics, and published student newsletters. He also created a baseball-focused holistic improvement program for students. During his professional baseball career, Lauer travelled the world, playing in Australia, France, and Austria. European Baseball & Softball Magazine named him their International All-Star while playing in Austria and France. Lauer studied at Saint Ignatius High School in his Cuyahoga County, Ohio hometown. The school, which promotes growth, intellectual competence, and a commitment to social justice, is accredited as a part of the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program by the U.S. Department of Education.
University Heights, OH, USA

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