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User Experience Researcher|CuboAi
Hello, I'm Jessica—an enthusiastic reader, volleyball lover, and dedicated conversationalist. With a background in consulting and product development, I strategically integrate impactful research throughout the product development lifecycle. My mission is clear: to ensure user needs to drive every aspect, avoiding the pitfall of launching a product that falls short of engagement. In collaboration with cross-functional teams—product managers, UX designers, and development teams—I deliver crucial insights, influencing decisions to strike a balance between user needs and business value. Committed to driving excellence in product development, I aim to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of exceptional user-centric design.
National Taiwan University
台北市, 台灣

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Work Experience

User Experience Researcher

Nov 2022 - Present
1. NPS Analysis and Product Enhancement Monthly NPS survey analysis to optimize product performance, pinpointing critical areas for improvement or new feature integration. 2. App Overhaul Leadership Spearheaded a ground-up revamp of the App, redefining the product architecture through rigorous user research. Ensured each module underwent extensive user testing for enhanced usability. 3. Strategic App Feature Development Drove the development of new features aligned with user needs and business goals, actively contributing to the implementation process. 4. Successful New Product Launch Led the development of new products tailored to the maternity and infant ecosystem, resulting in successful market launch.

User Experience Researcher

Oct 2018 - Jul 2022
3 yrs 10 mos
1. Precisely define user research goals, scope, and anticipated outcomes to prevent discrepancies. 2. Analyze user scenarios and needs, providing a foundation for design and business decisions. 3. Visualize user insights for clear communication with colleagues and clients. 4. Harness the power of user research to align products with both user needs and business value.


2014 - 2018