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Gainesville resident Cory Carnley of Gainesville shares this desire for travel, especially domestic travel. Via his popular travel blogs, which have a large following, he was able to turn this love into money thanks to his entrepreneurial talents. Simply by packing a backpack and setting out on his journey, he started his journey. He originally used the gig economy to pay for his travels, taking on freelance writing and photography jobs. Thanks to sponsored initiatives and commercials, he now has enough money to start thinking about his next vacation. He concentrates mostly on internal travel because he thinks discovering his own country is the most fascinating. He has visited 44 of the 50 states, including a sizable portion of the Midwest, the Southwest, and much of New England. He thinks that traveling has given him a fresh perspective on America. He is now better equipped to comprehend and appreciate the nation. He claims that choosing his next location is the hardest part of his travel writing career. But since he has yet to go to those states, including North Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho, the next stops are simpler. He has a sizable internet portfolio and blogs and takes pictures while on the road. Cory Carnley of Gainesville has put much effort into growing his travel company and warned those who could mistake his way of living for an extended, glitzy vacation. Entrepreneurship and blogging success demand tenacity and a willingness to work long hours. It necessitates ongoing education. As any entrepreneur would do with their firm, he prepares, reads, and conducts research when he isn't writing. But, Carnley is eager to assist others in starting a travel blogging business. He frequently writes about how other people who enjoy traveling may expand their businesses based on his expertise.

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