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Dan Kamensky

Founder & Board Member
Dan Kamensky is a highly accomplished attorney and entrepreneur with an extensive career spanning over two decades in the legal and investment management industries. Through his diverse experiences, he has developed an in-depth understanding of solving complex problems by leveraging his legal and financial expertise. Kamensky has worn various hats throughout his remarkable journey, including founder, CEO, entrepreneur, academic, and attorney. His focus on finance has been particularly notable, highlighted by the successful establishment of a distressed debt hedge fund. The fund's exceptional risk-adjusted returns earned it the prestigious Absolute Return Award. Throughout his career, Kamensky has earned a reputation for his fairness and dedication to balancing the interests of all stakeholders, leading to optimal solutions. From a young age, Kamensky has demonstrated a strong sense of justice and a commitment to fighting against injustice. As a teenager, he actively joined Chicago Action for Soviet Jewry, raising awareness about the challenges faced by Jews living in the Soviet Union during a difficult era. Growing up in the 1980s Soviet Union, where Jews lived in constant fear and uncertainty, Kamensky devoted tirelessly to helping his relatives in Russia immigrate to the United States. Their successful emigration in the late 1980s enabled them to find employment and adapt to their new lives. Kamensky's passion for justice and helping others stems from his youth and his deep belief in the Jewish proverb, "Justice, Justice, Thou Shalt Pursue." He upholds this belief by working with the Creditor Rights Coalition (CRC), a leading thought-leadership non-profit industry association. The CRC promotes transparency, accountability, and equal treatment for similarly situated creditors. Their tireless efforts ensure fair and robust stakeholder participation in bankruptcy proceedings. Collaborating with the Creditor Rights Coalition, Kamensky, an investor and philanthropist, aims to achieve a more just outcome for all creditors involved in the bankruptcy process. By establishing consistent "rules of the road," parties can form clear expectations of how to treat each other, fostering fairness and trust. Kamensky emphasizes that bankruptcy is not a winner-take-all process but rather an equitable one that seeks fair outcomes for everyone involved. His extensive legal and investment management background makes him well-positioned to make a meaningful impact.
Kingston Valley Enterprises
Georgetown University Law Center
Roslyn, NY, USA

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Dec 2021 - Present
Roslyn, NY, USA
Kingston Valley Enterprises creates unique brands in crowded regional markets in the Midwest of the United States by fusing long-term vision with operational excellence.

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Dec 2021 - Present
Roslyn, NY, USA
The Creditor Rights Coalition is a nonprofit organization created to act as the unifying and authoritative voice for all parties interested in upholding creditors' rights.


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1995 - 1998

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